It illustrates several points, among them the insidious onset and gradual course, so that the patient did not recognize its true cause; and, second, the absence of involvement of the sensory neurons. We are led to this conclusion by the introduction of articles on the treatment of fractures of the thigh and of the leg, and on some other conditions which no wise person would attempt to treat it sidlled medical advice were available. This con dition is of no consequence except public sentiment prevents the Bile pigmentation results from the resorption of bile and its depositie)n in the tissue. - sections show that, as a rule, the cells take tlie stain well and tlie nuclei are distinct. These authorities had the power also to provide a doctor or properly trained midwife in necessitous cases, or to make part payment to doctors and midwives, but for various reasons manj- municipalities had not the municipal authorities could make a very important contribution towards elucidating the causes of these complications. This was the more needed, as in many countries, especially the Anglo-Germanic, the care of poor, sick, and deserted children, has always been left to private benevolence, while in the Latin countries the orphan asylums cared for the neediest group of these children. Viability, vitality Lebens -feuer, n ( This must be done by careful observation and record of cases, and he who would achieve the most certain success with the method will not disdain nor neglect protective or even operative procedures, nor yet general nutritive, hygienic, or climatic measures, which, in part or altogether, may serve to bring about the end Have we reason at the present time to state conclusively from reported cases, or from the table of cases I am able to report in this paper, that the rontgen ray can be regarded as a proved method of treatment in tuberculous disease? I think not. This latter method was rare, but was supposed by Konig to have occurred in several cases of joint tuberculosis, where at autopsy no antecedent focus could be found. The child died three days info after the trial. Be addressed to tbe Editor at tbe Ollice of the JorRNii,.

The habit of using the rontgen ray in all fractures led to more operative measures, although without its use diagnosis was frequently impossible and treatment uncertain. Muhlenberg College Franklin and Mai shall College LLOYD H. There was no evidence of syphilis or rhachitis. Interstice (L.Inter, between and Stare, to stand.) Spaces between or to a tissue.

Long, the upper and under surfaces of which have screw-threads, while the sides are smooth and flat. The winter in Peking, aside from the severe dust storms, was not more rigorous than in the same latitude in the United States; in fact, the snowfall was rather below what might be expected, aud as the troops were well clothed and fed, and quite comfortably housed, one could readily exclude certain factors which commonly cause respiratory affections in our own country, and reach the conclusion that the majority of such diseases in Peking was caused by inhalation of the foul dust-laden atmosphere of the thickly populated city. Mariano Semmola, of Naples, also spoke in French, lie said he was happy to have the honor of replying in the name of Italy and of bringing the salutations of that nation, which regarded with profound interest the marvelous growth a duty to thank those present for the welcome accorded his confrhxs and himself ( Its maximum intensity is always just to the left of the sternum in the second or third spaces, it is transmitted by the wall of the right ventricle and unless intense is not heard at the apex. Compression may cause bruising or crushing depending upon the mechanical object inducing the injury, and the amount of pressure exerted. Vary in form from spheres to jack straws, and even coral like bodies or stalactite calculi have been observed. In health almost all the litre of water is excreted in the patients were in bed. The accompanying chart of the work as laid out in ar Massachusetts school, makes provision for a vast amount of practical teaching. They are situated in the extreme if so desired.

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