The microscope shows a great number of blood-corpuscles in all stages of decomposition and change; pigment granules and pigment crystals, fibrin, broken-down medullary elements, globules of myelin, and usually granular corpuscles also.

This also proves nothing of itself; it shows, at the most, that in gray degeneration of the posterior columns sensory and co-ordinatory paths are attacked together. The cavity was thoroughly washed out, taking care not to disturb the cohesion between the coils of intestine; Tetanus, says Verneuil, should be classed amongst microbian, virulent, or infectious maladies. Further, the busiss managers will have an opportunity to fraternize and make concerted tion towards eliminating the discordant element existing between editors We bid The American Medical Journalist a hearty welcome, and feel sured that it will be a decided success, because it will be the only occunt of a field which needs cultivation.

Add enough boiling water to wet it thoroughly, and set it close to the fire to steam for five or six minutes.

I have seen subnormal temperatures as the result of the use of antifebrine, but never collapse, which I have once seen follow" Third, as regards rapidity of action, "" antipyrine, probably on account of its solubility, comes first, antifebrine second, phenacetine third.

Some Physiology You Ought to Know The Teeth as an Indication of Age Examining Animals for Soundness and Health. Hardin says the"atypical pneumonia" does. He should be placed on his back; the fragments will then fall into place. The increase of travel to Southern California, the rapid population of its healthful regions, and the desire of multitudes to obtain correct information about a region which has been called the' Riviera of the United States,' give a value to a carefully prepared and trustworthy volume like this.

One never feels afraid to ask questions of such men.

It can be prepared much more economically in this way. A The instrument is then fitted around the tonsil as near as possible to its base. Twenty days have now elapsed since the attack ( It is said to act by bleeding patient in her own veins, by sedation and by arousing- glandular action. Overwork, loss of sleep, sexual excess, and the depression of the menstrual period act in the same Avay. To thefe may be added fud den Changes of Air, Food, Water, and acrid Crudities are generated in the Primce Vice, and conveyed into the Blood.

The countenance presents a dull dejected expression, in keeping with the indolent movements.

If the decision is made to give muscle relaxants, the skill and experience of the physician in charge is of utmost importance. It is less powerful in action than Antipyrin, in doses of fifteen to twenty grains, repeated in two hours, if necessary, is recommended for after-pains. It can be easily applied to mangers, stalls, and feed boxes. The vessels of the thyroid are dilated, and tortuous, and pulsation and thrill are often present. The use of either in excess surely debilitates, disorders, and endangers the system. The promise of total hepatectomy and liver transplantation as an effective treatment for malignant liver tumors has not been achieved and the.All physicians involved in the primary care of children must be aware of the variety of clinical patterns presenting in children with liver tumors: older children with chronic abdominal pain, infants with cutaneous hemangiomas and heart failure, and children of all ages with asymptomatic abdominal masses, acute abdominal pain or intraabdominal bleeding requiring emergency surgery.

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