He was not able to demonstrate the function of bile as completely as he had done for the gastric juice. This alteration in rhythm may take the form of a mere inhibition, such as the act of swallowing; or the respiration may be altered, as in phonation and singing.

Stevenson also investigated the haematozoa and intestinal protozoa of the common toad in Khartoum, and he contributes papers on both these subjects to this Report. If a quantity of cold water is allowed horses after hard work, colic is very likely to occur. It is oxidized in the body and eliminated in the urine as beta- and alpha-naphtol, but while thus sterilizing the urine neither naphthalene nor naphtol should be employed when there is irritation of the urinary tract. It is more particularly in the trunk, however, that the segmental innervation of the muscles is evident. Allowing eight hours for sleep and sixteen C. A preliminary examination of the culture plates revealed colonies resembling enteric pathogens. By a professional variety show. Surface disturbance from surface coal mining has a higher potential to cause unacceptable rates of accelerated erosion on specific sites than any other anticipated coal mining activity. Attending a case I change my clothes, and bath, hair and all, in a weak carbolic-acid solution. But, of course, the people of Nome, like the people of any other city in Alaska, have a very small chance indeed of ever meeting with the Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare to explain the situation so that he can understand it and see the trouble that While working in the hospital. - the training program should probably begin in one institution but should not be restricted to that The Indiana State School for the Deaf should be an integral part of the training program of teachers of the deaf. In practice, small doses will often move the bowels with morphine to prevent peristalsis in peritonitis and with apparently satisfactory results.

The fumes arising from burning rosin (on a hot shovel) are said to be of value when inhaled in chronic or subacute bronchitis.

The potential effects on sensitive resource values from such an occurrence will be considered when fire management plans are developed after completion of this RMP.

And Femoral hernia, right, strangulated.

Control through the nervous system is most marked indeed it may be the only means of control in glands which have to produce their secretion promptly, whereas hormone control predominates in those in which prompt changes in secretory activity are not required. These show the obstinate manner in which the weight often refuses to go up for many weeks after the medical treatment has begun, and the steadiness and rapidity with which it rises once the pyloric lumen has begun to widen. At seven months, violent vomiting set in; after three or four days at her home she was taken to the hospital, where after ten days of intense suffering she passed away. Gull for an abdominal tumour and jaundice.

The cellulose is, however, of value in furnishing bulk to the intestinal contents"intestinal ballast," it is sometimes called. If the blood be first of all To go into the various experiments upon which these conclusions depend would take us far beyond the limits of this volume. The diminution in tonus and hunger contractions in these various ways is accompanied by a diminution in the hunger pains.

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