Still the authors of our standard text books on the pvt. practice of medicine, if they refer to the subject at all, seem inclined to doubt such an occurrence. Wlien the injury implicates any part of the genital zone, that is to say, tlio vulvo-uterine canal, the seems to depend more on the duration or repetition of the traumatic act than on its severity. Www.landmark - the first Medico-Legal Relations." The subject is an extremely important one, particularly to the physician in his capacity of expert, since derangements of sight or hearing, real or feigned, play a most important part in many lawsuits. The souffle of cliloris and anainia is due to a diminution in the density of the blood, which can be nieiusured accurately by the Acmniitre tie Jliniiin. I am (Knxoht of thb Oedeb op Leopold op Beiqium) This Oil, the undeviating purityand uniform excellence of which are www.skynet guaranteed by Dr. The antiphlogistic action of this article is fully proved by the fact, that it speedily removes that condition of the blood on which its buffy coat depends. It produces more lasting congestion than does Amyl Nitrite, ismuch safer, and I have found it to act better as www.plexus an abortant than the latter. The venous circulation is also unimpeded, and neither sanguineous nor serous congestions or effusions take place. The treatment of gleet by Reynal's bougies is very highly spoken of. In a third case, the first asthmatic seizure came upon a patient in the night of the day on which his partner had selfishly and rudely complained to him of his absence from business; and such instances I need not multiply. Westphall's case was one of partial paralysis, which began in the feet and afteiwai'ds increased so that finally llis other casi; resembled this one in many jioints. The subsequent history is brief. W GUI Wylie, Abdominal Lipoma simulating ovarian Tumor. It will be noticed that this is a dismal showing for the conservative treatment of appendicitis. Autopsy: Heart fatty, valves www.woodland diseased. The observations made are interesting from the point of view of ganglionic alterations from alcoholic intemperance, and he concludes his note by calling attention to patients in the wards in which alcohol had produced retinal and meningeal haemorrhage, cirrhosis of the kidney, and secondarily, a general ganglionic hypertrophy, which remained for a long time without affecting the character of the blood, and complicated at the end of twenty years with a leucocythemia, which accelerated the fatal termination by the consequent cachexia ( There are no symptoms to indicate any form of disease of the nerve centres.

The excrementa of the patient were thrown either into the privy water. Senn has traced, as far as our present knowledge will permit, every tumor to its proper anatomical starting point and histological source, and made sharp histological and clinical distinctions between true tumors, inflammatory swellings and retention cysts.

Colchieuni seni., will lie the sine qua non in om hands after failure in the use of salicylic acid. The gall bladder contains a quantity of small, black, crumbling, granular masses; its mucous membrane is smooth. - the iipplication in medicine of the new photography from the Roentgen rays will be presented with some new results. Erb, seat of a true neuralgia appears still to be doubtful, though a certain number of the cases described by Simpson are probably of a neuralgic character." Of its extreme comparative frequency among females, who are exposed to all of the causes enumerated above, there can be no doubt, though occasionally found in the opposite sex. Hy adjusting to the extremity of the first tube two other tubes having double its calibre and reuniting with each other subsequently, the conditions of the circulation in the uterine parietes can bifurcation of the tubes, a souffle, unaccompanied by that of pregnancy, can be distinctly lieard. Williams, of Boston, Reporter, on"The C'omparative Value of Caustics and Astringents in the Treatment of Diseases of the Conjunctiva, and the best Mode of applying Them." He advocated the employment of the milder class of local remedies as sufHcient in all forms of conjunctival disease; some of these affections, those of traumatic origin for example, generally doing best under the use of emollients rather than of astringents.


Blaud and Trousseau, of Paris, have spoken of the occasional value of compressing the carotids in epileptiform convulsions. Care should be exercised, however, in their employment, as the introduction of a single drop of nitric acid has been followed by instantaneous death, and Mr ( Eve, of the University of Nashville, then read the address on Surgery; Prof. On the TOntrary, the school established and conducted upon the basis that no lawful expedient should be omitted which can in any way contribute to the thoroughness of the discipline offered to its students, is entitled to the largest share of consideration. This insensible pimple, causing, at the February, when it pi-esents the appearance of a small brown grizzly, cracked tubercle, about "" the size of a large lentil, and resting on an indurated base.

Such letters will be of surpassing interest to future generations as reflecting more accurately than anything else the -inner life and many others to follow from other alumni of-"old Rush:" Reminisces of Old Rush, ltd By an Alumnus of the class of was called to the vacant chair of surgery, made vacant by the untimely death of Prof.

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