A great many moth( rs who cannot keep their infants with them, and still do not wish to give them up entirely, avail themselves of this facility. Assistant Attending Surgeon, North Shore Schulman, Philip. The larynx could not be examined. Three patients had eaten their dinners, but in neither of these did vomiting occur. Professor of Clinical Surgery (Orthopedics).

Joseph's ABOUT three years ago I issued the first edition of my book on"The Office Treatment of Rectal Diseases." At that time not much was said on this subject. The idea that blind persons are especially musical and can earn their living by such a talent he showed to The proposition to make massage the profession of the blind seems rational. Some of the points presented this evening, seemed to him quite contrary to well known clinical ex perience.


Indeed, the only safety for those of us who enjoy tobacco in moderation 9healthfair.org is that we live threescore and ten years instead of twice that.

Bath the body is covered by a net or jacket of gas bubbles or pearls, which are warmed by the water.

Attending Physician, North Shore University Hospital University of Rochester School of Medicine and Ballon, Douglas J.

(Haenisch.") A sclerotic change of the pelvic connective tissue is described by Henkel as an undesirable associated phenomenon after' x-ray The absence of reaction is not a guarantee against subsequent damage, which is occasionally delayed for a considerable time, up to eighteen months, according to Iselin,' who calls attention to the cumulation of x-ray effects even with conscientious dosage and filtration: 9healthfair.org/register. The following tables may illustrate the subject. Especially is It appreciated by physician and patient In pruritus. We are jjleased, however, to find that tweutj--f our pages are given up to diseases and injuries of the eye, in which most of the affections of this organ are.Tlluded to with more or less brevity. Clinical Instructor of Psychology in Goslee, Leonard T. The duration of some cases for weeks, and their subsequent cure, was not a little surprising, but whether the malady was chronic from the beginning, or became so after treatment, was difficult to decide. This was specially shown by comparing two clinical reports made of the same case at an interval of seven years.

Resolved, That as a tribute of respect to the memory of our late Professor, we, as a class, attend his funeral, and wear a badge of mourning for thirty days. As a rule, a polymorphonuclear leucocytosis without distinctive lung lesions was produced. Hypodermic injection of morphia every night. We find in the new number of the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal a paper on this subject, read before the Boston Society of Medical Sciences, by were performed on rabbits inclosed in an apparatus by means of which the exhalations of the skin and lungs could be examined for alcohol. That it is due to the waters themselves with their plenitude of common salt, and minimal amounts of calcium and lithium salts, and traces of iron and even arsenic, scarcely any one now will affirm. Properly relayed, and those running from the infected town should be immune. It may also be of value in cases of delayed or scanty eruption. In the Kopsch and Cajal preparations of the bone marrow it is only possible to distinguish the lymphoblasts from the erythroblasts through the absence of hemoglobin, and then not with certainty, the nuclear characteristics being indistinct. Always bear in mind that the presence of icterus as well as the exanthem of scarlet fever may be overlooked by lamplight.

The submaxillary glands were slightly enlarged. Zeissl mentions these growths as occurring on the thigiiS, and observes that they may occur either alone or in c injunction with the condylomata acuminata, and HEMORRHOIDAL TuMORS OF THE FeMALE UrETHRA. Other elective courses are listed in the Fourth Year Course Catalog.

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