In the second stage the treatment must be tonic and constructive; it is not necessary to attempt the destruction of the tubercle-bacillus; it suffices to render the soil unfavorable for its development. By experiment he had proved that the hardening of glass proceeds inward, layer by layer, and this induces a state of strain, manifesting itself by diminished harmful in lenses, as the focal length varies in different parts, as if it were cut irregularly in the direction of the strain. Otto found that the minimum diminution was reached in from one to five days, and that the time of regeneration varied from seven to twenty-five days.


Among the medicines which have been found most useful are those which more properly come under the head of foods. Under proper restrictions as to quantity such fruit as named will cure a diarrhoea, aid in removing a cold, colic, fever, or an other disease whose treatment requires the bowels to be kept freely open; for this effect, fresh ripe fruit is acknowledged to have; but to be used advantageously in health and disease the following rules are imperative. And aided by the ever-widening influences of the principles of the christian system, which, by inculcating, as one of its cardinal elements,"temperance in all things," strikes at the very root of disease, we may reasonably hope that, when the true knowledge covers the earth as the waters cover the face of the great deep, the ordinary average of human life will be the full three-score years and ten, or even four-score years, which will then not be years of labor and The world would hail it as a glad event, if physicians could be so educated as to cure all disease; but it would more largely add to its happiness if all could be so well instructed, as to the first symptoms of every ailment, as to be able at once to arrest its progress, and thus no physician be needed to cure; and yet any one must know, that if men could be so taught to live that disease would not be possible, half the sufferings of humanity would be annihilated. The same danger, though in a very much less degree, may be said to be present when dead bone can be detected in the mastoid of the bone is often affected whilst the inner remains healthy. The treatment by pressure is very painful, and yields no good result. Lungs, spleen, mesenteric and bronchial glands contained caseous tubercles. Keep patient out of doors, even in winter weather, as much solution may be given per rectum thrice daily. In some acute cases the kidneys may be found altered. The number of cases of actinomycosis seen and not been much added to our knowledge of its nature, cause, and treatment.

Contagia transmissible through the air were described as volatile in distinction from fixed contagia.

Three minutes will now have elapsed. These were the only three courses I could take, and which were the best in my case of undue excitement the reader may judge. It weighs less than any other of the same power. Doubtful, the best practice is to evacuate the abscess by a puncture from within, by thrusting a cutting needle into the anterior chamber near the corneal margin, and then causing its point to penetrate the cavity of the abscess. If my quinine aggravates symptoms, I drop at once to a simple expectant treatment, and call it typhoid fever. It is not my intention to enter into any protracted scientific details or analysis, but merely submit such reflections as have occurred to my mind since my return from New Orleans, where this dread scourge prevailed in a most fatal form for some time previous to my departure. The urethra being narrow a small stream is produced. Jacobi declared that he had the right as a citizen to demand that the State should protect him and his Presse Medicate, says:"Functional" albuminurias are still the least understood; their setiology, treatment and diet are subjects of lively controversy. If there is a tendency to collapse stimulants should be given in a syringeful of ether. Some of the cases were violently delirious www.ahfsdruginformation.com/ on admission.

The asylums committee of the Portsmouth borough asylum offered that asylum (www.ahfsdruginformation.com). Following medical school at George Washington University and residency training in Washington, D.C., Boston, and honored by the student body as the recipient of the Basic and the Gray Matter dedicahon (twice). The inflammation becomes chronic in from six to ten or twelve days; the pain, swelling, and congestion diminish or cease; the discharge, less creamy, remains plentiful. I desire to throw out a few suggestions to the medical public on the above subject, hoping that some may test my theories and determine their importance. The imperfect digesti"n, as indicated by brain-diseases, even when all precautions are taken, is only to be explained in this way.

On my arrival I found the patient suffering from what he described as"cramps," from identical"spells" of which he had suffered frequently for quite a number of years.

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