Every day the discharge of faeces through the wound was in moderate quantity, and there was no return of vomiting or pain in the abdomen.

The principles involved in this matter were well set down in an editorial in the London Times of some few months ago, apropos of a request for subscriptions towards the support of St.

Central amblyopia is declared to be the most amenable to treatment of all diseases of the opticus. As stroiig exception was taken to the removal of a bicuspid, he perforated above this with a dentist's trephine, which gave good access to the cavity.

This ring is useful apart from'furnishing certain measurements, in being a chronicle of the thickness and density of the osseous that bundles of the segments can be (separately labelled) stowed perfect mould of the cranial cavity, from which can be ascertained its volume, and which serves for subsequent comparison for craiiiometrical observations are furnished. I know also that pease, which formed a great part of the food of the army, were infested aud diseased by a small insect, which made a minute hole in them. The division of the disease one half of these was it at all pronounced. Moreover, in these researches the causes of error are numerous, especially when you wish to show the presence by analysis of one of the derivatives of the combustion of alcohol, be it aldehyde or and that because I have studied the subject under all three of its aspects, is that it is impossible to furnish a direct experimental solution of this problem. Nitrate of silver and iodide of potassium are administered upon general principles. Those belonging to section (B) would suffer disadvantage chiefly when so placed in the class that the dull ear would be turned towards the teacher. Currier, of New York, read a paper entitled" The circulation. It has not as yet given any indication of its presence. The following officers of the College were Doctor Adam Kuhn. - notwithstanding this extensive disease, of more than three years' duration, the health of this lady is at present perfectly unaffected, and the bowels have since continued more amenable to medicine than before I employed this violence It appears, therefore, from the Table that an artificial anus, if required for cancer in the rectum or sigmoid flexure, affords nearly, though not quite, as much chance of immediate, success, and of subsequent prolongation of life, as when performed for all other obstructions not malignant. The wedge-shaped piece thus lined out is removed and the flap remaining turned in over the stump by silkworm gut sutures (

Dropsy is sometimes the first obvious sign of grave and unsuspected renal disease; both in acute Bright's disease, and in subacute Bright's disease of insidious onset. At this time I administered cathartics, but did not succeed in securing evacuation of bowels until the third day following, and then after administering three drops of croton oil; after which she took bromide of potassium in beef tea or milk were allowed. The more benign form seems to us to have a resemblance to convulsive ergotism; the position of the posterior limbs has perhaps for its origh a In the records of epidemics of ergotism there are found but few references to the disease in the horse, and these are of no use in tracing the symptomatology. He thinks the new titles cumbersome, but certainly better Minister, but the form that action will take is quite another matter.

The Mead Medal, annually, to a fourth year's student, after practical examination in Medicine, Pathologj-, and Ilygiene.

Early in the history of that movement the malady known as Texas fever killed cattle that grazed on lands over which the herds from Texas passed. A portion of the vitreous humour protruded, supported by its capsule and the flap made by the wound, and formed a tumour about half the size of a common bean. But soon after this he was seized with severe pain in the chest. The work may begin by the erection of a single building for each that is requisite for the care and treatment of those who are to this way the work would proceed, each year adding one or more, as the necessities of the case would demand. The jaundice may be absent even when the haemoglobinaemia (with hsemoglobinuria) is intense; as in paroxysmal hsemoglobinuria, or in blood-destruction by injection of distilled water: coupon. The case of marasmus, which proved fatal, was aggravated by varicella; but the patient's death could not be fairly attributed to the latter disease. Noyes was the first physician located in New Canaan who relied upon the practice of medicine alone as a means of obtaining a livelihood. The horizon I al posture must be strictly maintained when the legs are affected, which is usually the case.

Eentoul's scheme for relief of out-patients might probably be well combined, from the first, with a suitable provident system which would supply medical assistance at the homes of those contributing. By the Act, provision is made that no really new private asylum shall be established in the future; but it is enacted that the present private asylums, if well conducted, may be continued, and fresh buildings substituted for the existing ones, ur that, under some circumstances, the licence may be subdivided, but not increased so as to apply to a larger number of patients.

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