With the sole exception of the Jews. Plains cattle were found to produce serum of gormed.net low potency and are not now employed. If the experience of the writer is confirmed, it is apparent how much time, trouble, and unnecessary handling is obviated when contrasted with the methods outlining hourly or half-hourly swabbing, or, as one has more frankly expressed it,"scrubbing," with nauseating appHcations and culminating in the exhaustion of the patient, if not the most indifferent success. Under the influence of digitalis, diastole is greatly lengthened, the veins are emptied, and the heart strengthened by the enforced period of One observer professes to have aborted several attacks of pneumonia at the end of the second and third days by this treatment. It contains more salicylic acid, proportionately, than salicylate of sodium. Even where these exclusive diets may relieve the symptoms which they are designed especially to meet, they are very apt to upset the general balance of nutrition and impair the vitality, frequently, in the long run, aggravating even the symptoms, or the disease, which they thermometer by putting a few drops of formalin into the thermometer case. His own pupils of judgment and taste will cease to be his followers, and none but the feeble and shallow-minded will give him the incense of praise. This may be readily done by means of a small syringe, and a weak solution of salt water or of Listerine. It is Nature's nurse, the soft restorer of strength, and of all fatigue caused by the con food. Various vaccines and sera have "darmed.net" been put upon the market for the treatment of joint-ill, but in the case of calves and lambs their use is hkely to be very disappointing, since the aifection may be brought about by any of a large variety of organisms acting either singly or in combination. The gentlemen who read the paper represented a private corporation, and they wanted to make money. Traite de la maladie renerienne chez les enfants noureaux-nes, lea femmes enceintes et les nourrices, dans lequel on expose les differents modes de transmission de cette maladie des parents aux enfants, des enfants aux nourrices, et reciproquement, RUBBELL: AN ELEGTRO-MAONET FOR THE EYE.

He had no histor)- of syphilis, and only presented a rather sallow tinge of countenance to cause a suspicion of the disease. Where it is impossible to move to high veld, and it is desired to move on to ground believed to be more or less free from Heartwater, although infested with the bont tick or liable to become so, recourse may be had to the" quarantine camp" method largely used in connection with East Coast Fever (naturmed.net). In fact, as regards the Beiges, there was comparatively little occasion for their detention, inasmuch as some twenty or thirty thousand of their countrymen walked away from the fight before they had time The cavalry regiment to which I was personally and particularly attached, charged a column of the French at the beginning of the action, and was almost cut to pieces. Furthermore, the possibility of stopping an attack by taking a few deep breaths points in the same direction, for if the inhibitory function of the vagus were suspended, it could probably not be so readily aroused. In many cases the attack leaves a psychical depression and great anguish behind it, the patient being in constant fear of a reappearance of the trouble. Upon examining the leg it was found that no union had commencedThe periosteum was not thickened, neither were the integuments, and even the effused blood was not absorbed. It being necessary for the protection of the cavity, is modified into part of a transmitting mechanism Third. Very frequently the cause is to be sought in some disorder of digestion, not only of the stomach but also of the intestines, and the arrhythmia is then explicable by a reflex from the abdomen to the vagus; caused in the same manner, these symptoms are often found as part and parcel of a general neurasthenia. A mild mustard plaster is similarly useful in short-coated dogs. Nor have we any difficulty in explaining this limitation of injury, when we reflect, that the muscles of the pharynx as well as the muscular tissue of the oesophagus are, most probably, thrown into such a spasmodic state by the stimulus of the water, as must prevent its passage into the stomach.


A point which might have some possible bearing upon the discrepancy between German and French anatomists in regard to co-ossification of the elements of the hyoid arch was that the Germans are singers while the French are talkers. The complicated nervous system of mammalia iiad been evolved from far simpler elements, and its diseases in their lower forms would have to be studied.

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