Perverted appetites during Glass-eaters, penknife-swallowers, and sword-swallowers, being exhibitionists and jugglers, and not individuals with perverted appetites, will be considered in Chapter XII.

We have been at some pains to learn th'i steps preceding this appointment, that the public may know whom to House, where he was introduced to Governor Gaston by ex-Senator Jacobs. I gave iodide of potash and relieved him almost instantly. The serious mental disturbance produced by induced menopause, especially in the young, is in many cases very grave, and this alone has induced operators to leave ovarian tissue whenever possible, and many times to the further hazard of the patient. Pollock, followhig the example of other defenders of this agent, has admitted. The cerebral effects of large doses of belladonna are decidedly and markedly stimulating, as manifested by headache, vertigo, illusions, hallucinations, delirium, and even somnolence. I have heard firom some of them, after their discharge, the most vivid accounts of severe treatment, and from others the pleasantcst history of kind and liumane treatment. As the surgical treatment in both instances would be the same, it is practically not essential to make a positive incision will reveal the true nature and origin email of the cyst. Follovv'ing these are report on Vital j report of the C ommittee on Prisons in Tennessee,! linkedin by Dr. Of this book it may be said, as of his other writings, that it without verbosity, and all the instructions are given with a clearness that is particularly refreshing. Our friends, the anti-vivisectionists, however, go far beyond their points, but even seem to misrepresent other facts, so as to give them a meaning exactly the reverse of the correct one. He abandoned his favorite weed at the age of ninety, and had to discontinue his drives over his beautiful estate in his one hundredth year ( The third floor is devoted to the private laboratories, ophthalmoscopic and laryngoscopic rooms, etc.

After returning home to the country he experienced considerable pain, and despite his vigorous efforts he was unable to induce any of the men to use the cautery upon him; they termed it" barbarous treatment." In desperation and fully believing in the efficacy of this treatment as the best means of "" permanently alleviating his pain, the crippled Scotchman heated a poker and applied the cautery himself. Sometimes, If there be an excess "" of urine over amount of liquid taken, one of its elements oxygen and hydrogen (Parkes). It matters not whether the subjects be male or female. Drunkenness or great exhaustion may also explain certain cases:

The growth of bone and muscle ceases, or is greatly retarded for the time. On carrying the finger through the cervical canal, we find a large, firm body, somewhat mobile, filling the cavity of the uterus, and by sweep ing the finger around pay the mass, it appears to have a pedunculated attachment to the fundus.

J will be as" bread cast on water," to be"seen many days hence." In looking over some old medical files, I see some facts concerning the preservation of the dead body, which, if made a note of, might interest some one of your numerous readers (

It was a feeble imitation of such examples as abound in the cheap literature of the day. A diagnosis of cervical dislocation was made, and violent extension, with oscillation forward and backward, was practised, and the abnormal appearance subsided at once. Pyro-i)hosphate of sodium in fifteen grain doses every two hours, keeping it up for four or five days, is also beneficial. It is in point of fact a government in stitution, and has a surgeon-in-charge and a resident physician, both salaried officers. As they did, almost entirely the remaining I regret that I am not able to "bill" make a more Case of Extraction of a Foreign Body from the I communicate the following case to the profession, because I think it an interesting one, particularly since it shows how sometimes even competent physicians make awkward mistakes in the diagnosis of simple cases, for want of a suflftciently careful examination. By Hospital for Diseases of the Throat, Golden Square, London, W. But most of the suffering was on the left side. The headache and discharge continue for a year, and the swelling continually increases through life, although the symptoms gradually disappear, the skin not becoming involved, and no pain being present.

At the third trial, when considerable force was used, a hemorrhage was excited that resulted the following night in labor pains, and the next day in the expulsion of the fsetus.

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