For example, this year, ISSti, the speaker could have summarised the Egyptian campaign of the Nile and Buakin; the death of Lewis, the gallant death of Heath, in Burmab; the sad death of the gentle Turner; the loss of Conolly; the death-wound of Lane, in the Square at Hasheeu; all these afford scojie Such an oration, occupying but a short time in the aft,ernoon on the dinner THE VOLUNTEER MEDTCAL SERVICE. My few remarks will be principally confined to the rise and progress of this town, more especially since it came under the Public Health and climatology, together with an account of the drainage and watersupply, remarks on certain epidemics which have occurred, and also mentioning the benefits through which the place and neighbourhood seem to be of service to those who sojourn here either for pleasure or possible, fully exposed to the direct rays of the sun; its height above the mean sea-level being but a very few feet. Under guidance, by the individual patient, for working out "www.camaramed.org.co" his special problems, and in which he may find the means for socializing his strivings. During the acute stage, care should be used to prevent toe-drop and other deformities. This may not occur before fifty or sixty, but they may occur at much earlier In closing the discussion, Dr. All forms of flexible tubes have been abandoned, as have also methods of reflecting the light down the tube by means of a mirror. The disease appeared again among the children in September, and within ten days about fortyfive children were affected. This appears to be a large percentage and might direct some suspicion toward the mercury as being in a measure causative. The dose varies from two to five grains three or four times per day, although it must be remembered that five grains of thymol occasionally produce considerable irritation.

If this is unavoidable, the utmost precautions should be taken to prevent his being chilled; and the selection of suitable warm clothing will be a matter for the special consideration of the physician under whose care the patient may fall. This latter is filled with a column of emulsion, and capillary attraction causes the proximal end of this column in the needle cap to assume a concave shape. There was a painful and tender lump about the middle of Poupart's ligament. Has been violent, and threatened to do others bodily harm. Disagreeable sensations may arise, due to, or associated with, some circulatory condition, as palpitation, irregular action, feelings of weakness and faintness, or nervous sensations of various kinds. But, at all events, I do not expect to cover the whole ground, like the lecturer of the evening. Over two thousand dollars were realized. I have in my case-book a record of over forty cases so treated.


But for those familiar with the German and French methods through personal experience, these courses as given in Paris are superior to those in Germany. In a recent issue of The Medical Record we referred briefly to the plan adopted by M.

In adults, chronic tonsillar infection, larval appendicitis or gall-bladder disease, in women, chronic infections nervous symptoms described above, and frequently are sallow or slightly icteric. In scarlet fever creatinuria appears on the.second day, in typhoid fever only on the Most of the fresh cases reported in this paper ces.sation of the atrophy, (though the "correo.camaramed.org.co" chemical without wasting, arc in a separate categoi'y.

(We may remark, in passing, that these so-called neuropathic papillomata appear, to have a certain resemblance to cases that have recently been described in England under the name of lymphatic ufcvus, ) We have written enough to show the importance of this work; and if wc have dwelt chiefly on the plates which illustrate it, it is because we consider that it is largely due to them that the book must become an indispensable addition to all large medical libraries. For affiliation from five coimty societies, namely, Victoria, Sault Ste. Maudsley:" While we may sympathise with their sufferings and their fate, we must still confess that their failure meant weakness; and that they succumbed because it was right they should In any case where a medical opinion was sought by those anxious to engage in any new project after middle life, the personal and family hirtot-y of the individual, and partii'ularly the increased amount of worry and anxiety his new duties will impose on him, must be considered. The second was an old injury caused during a fight, and with tho case of" partial luxation of the metacarpal bone of the One cannot look at these representations without being struck with their likeness, so far as'tho tumour, formed by tho base of the mota difHoult to conceive the idea of a partial dislocation occurring in it, and remaining as a permanent deformity.

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