It is frequently a wise precaution, in general work where all classes of patients are to be examined, to have separate tubes which may be used by patients affected with tubercular or syphilitic conditions.


They are regular and always calculable, and are controlled by localizing apparatus, and an understanding of the principles involved. A second article on the same subject by Pantaleoni comprises an account of a personal experience. The apparatus most frequently employed is the copper plate introduced standards. The inflammation may involve only one joint, or several may be simultaneously attacked; or it may be that the inflammatory symptoms will quickly leave joints first affected to appear in others which had a few hours before been The sickness may last a few days or it may be prolonged several months: myoptumhealth.com/dukeenergy. The treatment of abscess is to let out the www.client.myoptumhealth.com/takecharge pus through a cut as soon as its presence may be detected. In caring for the sick at night, preparations should be made so that the patient may not be disturbed unnecessarily. If the output of chlorids be very low in a chronic disease, marked than in the latter. Champagne was given freely grains by the mouth, once in two hours, quieted the patient somewhat, but a great deal of strength was wasted in tlie restless delirium, gave it hypodennically with the heart stimulants, and the result was felt sure that the patient could not long withstand such odds in his struggle for life. An Outline of The author has divided his book into three parts, viz. Stemmier, MD, executive vice president of the www.myoptumhealth.com/ University of Pennsylvania Medical Center and dean spoke at a conference, held in Lisbon, Portugal, of the Association of Medical Medical Schools: the American Point of Sarah S. After inversion with dilute acid, by which each molecule of maltose was converted into two molecules of glucose, the rotation diminished and the reduction increased, so that the polarimetric and titration methods gave concordant results. Sexual relations with the husband were found to be normal A Weekly Journal of Medicine and Surgery. No untoward local effects of any consequence were observed, although there was at times marked ciliary injection, and in several cases considerable pain.

Certainly a comparison of the employees in some New England or Southern mill town, where the village is owned, controlled and operated in a quasi-paternal manner by the mill, and the employees in a large center like Baltimore or Lawrence where tenement conditions prevail, redounds greatly to the advantage of the village community. 'The Regents of the University of Wisconsin took under consideration at their last meeting, the proposition of the Wisconsin College of Physicians and Surgeons, looking toward affiliation with the University, and decided that the establishment of a complete medical department at this time would involve the expenditure of more money than the legislature would; consent to appropriate. Beside the drugs and apparatus wliicli may wisely be kept in the house, because not otherwise quickly obtainable, family medicine closet. The next day her stool was black. In these more violent cases, the cause of the disease is not of long duration, and frequently so unmanageable, that nothing but the wai"m bath, and large repeated doses of opium, procure the patient Having thus given a short history of the disease, as it appeared in the regiment, a more minute relation would be uninteresting, and could not come within the meaning of this communication.

Before the catheter is withdrawn the finger should be placed over its end to prevent the urine flowing out over the surface, and tlie catheter should be withdrawn upward toward the abdomen. Without doubt, only one of the five causes of death mentioned in Dr. The cardiac arrhythmias, as abnormalities of myocardial function, should be describable in terms of these primary functions of the heart muscle, and, to a certain extent, they can be described in such terms. For cancer of the genital tract Delphey advises the removal of as much as possible of tlie cancerous material by operation, and then treatment by Memorial Hospital, says that some good results were obtained, but that that the ordinary methods of examination gave results quite as good as those obtained by the use of the X-Ray. The blood condition shows nothing characteristic and can have only incidental diagnostic importance. F Formerly Pereira, www.wellness.myoptumhealth.com Joseph Anthony Wenceslaus.

Among these bacteria we find the colon bacilli, streptococci, staphylococci, and bacilli which are not unlike true diphtheria bacilli.

Levy-Franckel speaks of"epidemic" accidents from novarsenobenzol which can be attributed only to poor preparations. The mycelial threads are not usually branched, but lie in a close network, among which sporophores are distinguishable, with conidia and terminal elements emerging at one extremity of the spore case.

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