It was evident that the case, which had gone on so well for five days, was to terminate fatally. There were no marks of violence on the door, but there was a footmark on the outside. That infection occurs through the lungs is shown by the fact that these organs are first involved, the disease being, in fact, a pulmonic anthrax." That, in infective diseases in general, infection may occur through the caused mice and guinea-pigs to breathe an atmosphere containing in suspension a powder consisting of dried anthrax spores mixed with lycopodium pneumonia.

Cold foi-m of abscess, I have to present a case -n-Licb caunot fail to be of additional practical interest.


Of post-diastolic murmur the author has observed eleven examples; four were located at the apex, and seven at the base. Lower abdominal tenderness not strictly localized. The windows of these rooms are nine feet by seven feet, checkin.compasshealthcenter.net and the panes are twenty-two inches by eighteen. More easily be determined by the amount of rent or board paid than by any other method; but that care should be taken to exclude no one from the benefits of the institution through inability to pay. Stowell's case, he thouglit it showed the importance in such cases of examining the blood for the plasmodiiim and arriving at a diagnosis, which was of importance not alone for the present, but for the future. Their special appositeness does not, at least to me, readily appear, for neither was the mode of delivery confined to that strongly expressed views on the subject, can be readily enough understood by the majority of practical obstetricians, who, while carefully watcliing and aiding the vital process of parturition, have not failed to observe the difficulty and danger of forcing it to keep an appointed hour. Leave of absence granted him is hereby extended one Stations and Duties of Medical Officers of the United States Marine-Hospital Service for the Fifteen days ending November SO, at Buffalo, N. Misled by the occurrence of apparently free discharge of urine, the clinical observer has been known to diagnose a pregnant uterus when there was only hysterical retention of urine, and when the timely use of the catheter has caused the disappearance of the tumour and pregnancy at once. We receive from time to time so many inquiries regarding examinations foi- the army, that we are happy to state that an Army Medical Board will meet in this city during the months of October and November. (For symptoms, vide Spinal rare, is more conmion than has been supposed. Kf.yes lastly exhibited a fragment of a small sewing-needle which he had removed from the hand of a seamstress. The pyrexial symptoms and general disturbance are secondary to the local inflammation, and always proportionate to the existing local can trace the influence of some morbid matter, which has acted as an ii'ritant in setting up the inflammation.

Then grasping the soft parts with his left hand, Mr Spence entered the point of the knife in front of the tuberosity of the ischium, and passing it obliquely upwards, in front of the articulation, brought out the blade almost midway between the anterior superior spine of the ilium and trochanter major, so as to form a large anterior flap, disarticulated the limb, and terminated by cutting a posterior flap nearly equal in size to the anterior. Mr Syme could only offer to remove the arm along with the tumour. In one case, the unfortunate inspiration was not during or before birth, and meconium was not the foreign body which demonstrated the respiratory imperfection. Jle countenances the division of the gustatory nerve for temporary relief of pain in carcinoma of the tongue.

During this period, these two operations, the Jobert invagination method and the Czerny-Lembert, although varied somewhat by slightly different methods of stitching, may be taken as types of the operations performed without tion by Senn of foreign bodies as an aid to the operation. Eigors, flushings, fainting, hysterical disorders, disturbance of the special senses, and neuralgia are frequent. " Further experience," treatment of the pedicle, and I am coming to the conclusion that it is the best of all the intra-peritoneal methods for securing the pedicle." Sulphuric ether hand emr severely injured by a circular saw. Adult stomachs will usually hold about twenty -five ounces of water; mora than this gives distress. In the fifth intercostal space one could distinctly feel deep fluctuation, and in this situation the tension of the soft parts was diminished by every inspiration, and clearly increased by every expiration. We commend these suggestions to the consideiation of the profession througiiout the country, and hope that other medical journals will join us in advocating the change. I am going to pass in a rectal bougie to see that there is no obstruction. On the following day the temperature had gone down two degrees, so that we were so much encouraged by this that the doctor asked me to give a second injection of antitoxine. As a means of preventing peripheral irritation of the nerve iilanients of the intestine by putrefactive material, I four hours, of much service in producing mental ease and consequent physical improvement. Moved him home, and w.as informed later that no convulsions or experienced at intervals of about three weeks for seven years. The atropine will cinch the gland so that it can not manufacture enough to keep up the drain.

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