Object to give every publicity to his newlyinvented glass-leeches for cupping, and as the inventor may be thought to be somewhat partial to his own invention, perhaps you will allow me to bear testimony to their I have been in the habit of using the glass-leeches occasionally for the last ten months, and have never failed in procuring the requisite quantity of blood; and on the temple, and behind the mastoid processes, I have found them to be peculiarly advantageous, being enabled to take the full quantity at once, and in less time than it can possibly be accomplished by tlie common glasses, the repeated applications of which, by pressing on the arterial branches, frequently occasion considerable delay and In answer to a letter which I wrote to Dr. Under protection was also incluiled correction of deformity by apparatus, manual force under anesthetic, or incision. From this region Bmall branches ramify between the follicles in the connective-tissue Btr a of the cortex.

Www.cosmed.com.t - and importance of the part affected in the system; that the sensibility of our organs being different in degrees, and sometimes null, it is a preservative law of nature, that whatever evil befals any part of the human system, should be felt in another, according to the distribution of the nerves, or according to the laws of sympathy. Cosmed.com - souvent unc impression de chaleur plus ou moins forte suit, surtoute la surface du corps, le mouvemcnt de la main du magnetiseur, qui passe sur ses vetements, ou meme a quelques pouces de distance.


This beam then travels back and the mirror () is adjusted so that it impinges on a moving photographic plate. Sometimes the cyst has no pedicle at all.

Doyle, how is Patrick this betther."" I think, Mrs. However, enzymes are certainly much more specific in their action than inorganic catalysts. Authorities differ somewhat as to the point of applying the pole, some thinking that the positive pole should be applied to the point of exit of the nerve and the negative pole over the painful part, and others vice versa.' Good results are unquestionably attained from either mode of application.

Numerous instances could be given of its comparative rareness in intensely malarious localities compared with non-malarious districts in the same countiy, where questions of race, habits of life, and climate are excluded: www.cosmed.com. The preceding chart, representing the climate of the city of Ottawa, Canada, is here introdt for convenience of reference.

With the fading of tlie eriipliou, the cessation biocosmed.com of fever, and takes place. REFEREN( E BANDBOOK OF THE MEDICAL BCIENi ES For testing the limits of the B( Id foi i olor pen eption, Bmall pieces of colored card board, usually one centimetre (I inch) square, are used instead of the bil of chalk or squares of white card, A Bmall convex mirror of very The perception of form in the peripheral regions of the retina is tested bj means of two -mall black Bqu on a white ground, with an interspace equal to one"t perimeter toward tin- centre"l the Held, until the white interval is seen between the two black dots. These cases are apt to terminate in atrophy of the optic nerve and Softening of the brain from embolus of a cerebral artery will occasionally cause sudden amaurosis, and the ophthalmoscopic examination will reveal anaemia of the retina, with narrow arteries and veins. Thifse eruptions are much more common than is generally supposed. No more In addition to individual peculiarities as to the period of incubation, there have been individual peculiarities especially noticed this year, as to the method of invasion. Toronto University' Toronto, Assistjint Physi.ian Toronto General Hoe allusion to a paper read by Dr. He made free drainage in the groin and also in the posterior portion of the thigh, but the patient did not survive the autopsy a pus communication was found through the obturator foramen, which was rather unusual; the abscess also communicated with the bladder, and the patient had discharged pus with his urine for some weeks before he suppurative inflammation in the neighborhood of the appendix vermiformis had led to a subdiaphragmatic abscess, and but one in which it had led to an abscess in the neighborhood of the rectum; but these two conditions were present m the same case. The tongue gradually resumes www.cosmed.com.w its normal ajipearance or for a time becomes again coated; the sore performed; appetite and strength return. Finally the doctor makes the issue squarely on the assertion contained in my original memoir, that the theory that fracture of the lower extremity of the radius happens because the bone, having been caught between two forces, gives way at its weakest part, is not sustained by the facts of the case, and as the conclusion to his own reasoning formulates the following theorem: u A fracture of the base of the radius is generally caused by the reaction of the resisting surface on which the palm of the hand strikes at the time of the fall, the carpus being driven or pressed against the base of the radius." I accept the challenge, as thrown out by the Professor, as to the facts of the case, and as a basis for argument repeat, with the addition only of the word transverse, as modifying the word fracture, my original theorem: Transverse fracture of the radius near the wrist joint results almost invariably from falls, the force of which is received upon the palm of the hand. That where there was apparently a local tuberculosis, shown for instance in enlarged glands, the tissues in any part of the body might contain the tubercle bacilli although in a latent state, and it was unsafe to use the animal for food. But, although clinically the affection was established upon a firm basis, its pathology was the autopsy-table, considered the affection primarily a muscular one, and hence termed it essential paralysis of children, the term essential referring to the idiopathic or non-organic nature of the paralysis. This has the effect of spoiling their healthy appetites, giving rise to indigestion, and in many inStances lays the foundation of intemperate habit-. After its removal the pitient swallowed perfectly for a month, when the attack recurred.

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