The pneuniococcus is frequently found, but is not especially virulent. In a large number of the cases, as we have seen, if not in one-half, the kidneys are involved; there is then more or less swelling of the parenchyma of the organ.

A clot of blood eleven millimetres long and five millimetres thick in a small depression of the surface close by the side of the falx cerebri, on the margin of the longitudinal fissure at the vertex; this extends a fingui-'s-breadth further backwards than towards the right side. The former by the rusty, semi-opaque, or reddish expectoration; and the latter by the peculiar gangrenous odour which occurs in no of pleuritic effusion, attended with perforation, the expectoration is of a peculiar nature, perfectly similar to the liquid pus found He however has never met but one case of pleuritic perforation, and in this he could not discover the kind of expectoration described. If, then, you believe that these smaller doses do produce palpable effects, you accept a position astounding to a logical mind, that the effect of a part may be greater than the effect of the whole.

Attention, and in both the Veterinarian and Vderinary Journal numerous editorials, articles, and clinical records appeared. The tritoxide, especially, is formed every time that the blood passes through the lungs, and given out again when it returns to the system. Here and there fine red striae mark the position of vascular twigs. We are glad to find it stated that torsion is applicable to atheromatous and inflamed arteries. He only wished further to ob.serve that there was the Goyernmeut shoiUd accept that measure and lend their aid in passing it this year, for there were several objections to the Bill of his right hon. Harvey himself states quite candidly and truthfully how opinions stood before he published in this College his evidence on the motion of the blood. The instrument was introduced Avithout producing any of the alarming symptoms stated in the Majority Keport. But old Brodie, though never so wealthy, became more important, chiefly in consequence of his newspaper, which was an instrument or species of property of which Wood stood in wholesome and most respectful awe. All that she was willing or able to say was, that during pregnancy she desired, or in her language," longed for fish, and that while she was one day devising means to catch some small fish that were sv aiming in shallow water, a large bull-frog suddenly presented itself. The evidence upon which they with alterations in the size of the pupils: (i) High arterial tension is associated with small pupils; and (ii) low arterial tension is associated with large pupils, (h) The physical explanation of this phenomenon is probably to be found in the spiral structure of the vessels of the iris. Much attention is being given to the photographic delineation of the microscopic particles of the atmosphere, as well os to the products of culture experiments with the living organic portion: and it looks like progress iu the right direction to find a systematic table of" Matters contained iu the air and rain" of each mouth, showing opposite each day, for the metres of air, of ozone, carbonic acid, ammonia, nitric acid, and organic matter, and per litre of rain-water, of ammonia, nitric acid, saline residue, and organic matter. Upon section, a considerable amount (perhaps one pint) of grumous, blood-stained pus is evacuated, and it is then found that the tissue of both lobes has been largely undermined by an enormous abscess, fully one-third of the substance of the organ having been eroded in the ulcerative process. Being myself well qualified io feel their indispensable necessity,"miseris succurrere disco," which probably means, not liking my companionship, I would gladly rid rayself of my fellow occupants, by helping them out of the ditch, upon my own shoulder. Notwithstanding this, we need not give up in despair the attempt to formulate any rules of diet in health and disease.

Determined to try the effect of tying the radial artery. I have seen very often a deep cauterization obtain a result which had escaped hitherto, in spite of the reiterated but weaker application.

Afterwards, rapid compression by means of one of Carte's compressors was tried, but the pain and distress being so severe as almost to lead to syncope, the instruments were removed at the end of four hours. He was treated with twenty grains of quinine intramuscularly twice a day for the first six days, and then by twenty grains intramuscularly and forty grains by mouth Avhole of the right lung was involved. Considerable modifications have thus been introduced throughout all the departments treated of in the volume, but more especially in the portion devoted to the"Practice of Medicine," which has been entirely rearranged and rewritten. Grove Hall, Bow (both se.xesj, Hendon Grove Asylum (for ladies), minutes; Liverpool Street station, West Mailing Place (for ladies), Morpeth station, i mile, by'Bus. (c,) The renal function as judged by the phlorizin test is not in any way impaired by ether anaesthesia, if the kidneys be normal.

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