The latter is especially useful in aortic insufficiency, while digitalis is better, in regular doses for three or four days every three weeks, in mitral stenosis.

When recovery is assured the treatment must not be stopped suddenly, but the amount of solution must b ally diminished until complete suppression is reached. The first quarterly meeting of this Branch was held at the Public Hospital, Georgetown, on January iSth, Dr.


He was well, as far as he knew, until three or four weeks before he came to the hospital. Such being the fact, any attempt to clean the surface or wash the pirt is immediately followed by strong contraction of the abdominal muscles; this contraction forces out the contents of the intestine, and so it goes on. He investigates the origin of myth and ritual and symbolism; the interrelations of dreams, day dreams and traditions with myths and rituals. If this remained high the deposits could not be dissolved. Against fo tubtle an enemy as tuberculosis no precaution can safely be neglected. This is doubtless in many instances to some extent due to senile changes in the shape of the head and in the long bones, the diminution in stature, the kyphosis and the peculiar deformities of the thorax and abdomen make up a definite clinical picture not seen in other maladies. It is generally admitted in South Africa that are deeper than those of German boys and girls of the same age. Neither of TBEATMEXT OF GOJTRE BY INJECTIOX OF lODIXE. Except for considerable injection of the conjunctiva, the patient was almost as well as ever and went on to an uneventful recovery. Rays excite fluorescence and give shadow pictures at a distance of many inches, and even feet, from the Crookes's tube, while the cathodic rays are absorbed or diffused at a distance of fifty inches.

Fletcher of Warrington, to exhibit apparatus for warming, washing and drying, giilling, baking and roasting, sis well as for workshop-appliances, and furnaces for metalworkers.

Of typhoid fever presented much diflBculty, owing to the scarcity of milk. It is not so dependent upon a warm climate as are yellow fever and dengue. In the treatmi deformities the aim is and has been to correct the deviations from the normal by such exercises as will educate the different groups of muscles to sufficient and proper exertion to enable the patient to assume as nearly as possible a normal attitude. For many years he had refused to accept clubs, but he had often had club members as private patients, and he was of opinion that they had paid him more in the gross than he would have received from the clubs to which they belonged had he been their club surgeon.

Www.healthhouse.co.nz/pamphlets - and more than likely the cigarette is a Camel, for Camels area service favorite around the world. Practically, the lirst deals with those rhich are- burdened with a cavitj and are bl The tii-t aim in the treatment of baemoptys On his hack ill bed, and ad DO dose of morphine and atropine bypodermically. A bullet could be felt with the probe, deep in the ear, but could not be extracted. Its muscular control extends over the extensors of the thumb, the intrinsic hand muscles and the thenar and hypothenar muscles. This form of chancre is often at the balano- preputial margin in cases where this is somewhat constricted, and in such cases an ointment of the ammoniate of mercury, alone or diluted, is often more effithau the solution. The educational performances of the chUdren were excellent, the usual reading and writing exercises being supplemented by examinations in geography, arithmetic, and English history, in all of which great proficiency was shown. What parts were involved, and to what extent, can not be stated, says the author. The result with quinine on the excretion of uric acid is contrary to the diminution usually observed. With the signs conspicuously warning of their true character, they thenceforth may no longer mislead the unsophisticated, the immature and the overtrustful.

The worsl error in nomenclature for the practitioner i- the application to a simple disease of the name of a more -erious disease with a modifying adjective. Two were in the period before antiseptic precautions were observed; the third.was due to accidental displacement and infection of the"drainage tube; the remaining one was unexplained. From that time on, our young doctor's journal is full of records of the same disease, with notes of starvation last night and this morning was the jawbone of a swine, destitute of any covering: www.healthhouse.co.nz/product/caa. This thoroughly cleansed the parts and the trouble rapidly subsided.

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