These diseases are chronic diffuse endometritis, polypoid endometritis, and catarrhal endometritis, the hydrorrhcea of pregnant women. It associates itself readily with occipital neuralgia, and sometimes also with neuralgia of the pharynx and other parts. They sometimes involve the bones of the skull, even to the extent of perforation. Certain writers, as Trousseau and Reed, deny the presence of catarrh; others, as McLeod and Vogel, say there is usually none.


Greenhow believed, therefore, that brass-workers' ague was an acute poisoning with zinc. At my request, he then touched the drum of my other ear, in which there had been nothing put.

An examination was held by the Civil Service Commission for the position of District Health Physician. The third is posterior, superior, and superficial, ruled by two special branches of the sacriplex. The speaker feared that the trouble and detail necessary to the successful application of this method and the limitations of its power would cause it to be set aside for other therapeutic clinical notes on bergeon's method of treating The speaker had treated only seven cases by thismethod. Then except the' (here he mentioned the.su"stance that assails you are!'" But why do we quote?"Tono-Bungay" is a book to read and inwardly digest. Much work of the former character must be done, trained men are necessary to do it, and of these physicians are perhaps most easily available. Yet as iodoform is rarely used to the exclusion of other antiseptics (as carbolic acid or mercuric chloride), there is never much opportunity, clinically, of testing its germicidal properties. When the vacuum becrins to break, which will bo noticed by the purpling of the color in the tube and also by a lower pitch in the sing of the spark gaps, the current should be instantly turned off. The lectures are illustrated by experiments and demonstrations www.iron-dragon.com/ in the lecture room. The instruction consists in the following elective courses offered during the fourth year.

Opportunities for instruction coupon were afforded to graduates in medicine.

"With a more powerful current, all that you will show is that one muscle is stronger than the other; for you lose sight of the finer differences of irritability in the obvious presence of the coarser differences of strength. That the susceptibility of subjects to tlie.r-ray varies ofreatly. The more iron-dragon.com important preparations are made before the class. Disturbances of the functions of the bowels or bladder are also met with, though in other cases they are absent. Leistikow pyrogallic acid to the ounce may reviews be cautiously tried in obstinate cases. Macnamara is decidedly of opinion that he is a delegate to represent the interests of the Irish College of Surgeons, and ought not to forego those interests for any conjoint scheme, or anything else that may be suggested in the way of metlical reform. Woman, primnipera, between eighth and ninth month.

The symptoms are numerous and confusing; they include asthenia, sometimes mental impairment, pain in the form of headache, backache, etc., the typical metabolic changes, trophic disorders, obesity, lowered temperature, the cardiac symptoms of the disease more or less developed, decay of the teeth, dyspnea and other respiratory symptoms, and derangements more or less extensive of the reproductive functions.

Natio al Hospital f( r the Paralysed and Ejiileptic in December last.

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