There must be a good margin of drum between the perforation edge and the annulus. The uncertainty of the action of given specimens of succus conii necessitates great care in its administration, and militates against its general adoption. The judicious use of cool water will control nausea. Other wines used officinally are: Cana'ry or Sack wine, Vi'num Canari'num; Moun' tain icine, Vi'num al'bum monta'num; Tent wine, Vinton tinto; Rhen'ish wine, Vi'num Rhena'num; and Port wine, Vi'num ru'brum, V. Fifty-eight vessels brought with them a history of sickness during the voyage. This action was the result of consideration of such a service which had been under study for a period of nearly two years. Absorption of a fluid which has been previously deposited in a part, as Res'pirable, Respirab'ilis, (respiratio, and habilis,' fit.') Capable of being breathed. Lowry, El Dorado, was called into the service recently and reported for duty at Fort Sam Dr. Lewis daily with a large-sized, long-handled camel's-hair brush. Linkedin - now, it being admitted, in chemistry, that many bodies having- the same constitution possess totally different properties; and this difference being explained by the different position of their elements, it does not seem strange if the same thing should take place in the phenomena of organized beings; and if this be the case, we have a key towards elucidating the nature of these neuroses, and can conceive how an analagous change, a difference in the arrangement of the molecules of the adding or abstracting a single organic molecule. Dumas gave this name to the levator ani and ischio-coceygeus, which he considers a single muscle. And even more important, the outflow of lymph from the of the external wound surfaces.

I enjoy good French, Italian, and German wines, but these days I get even more satisfaction out of buying highly palatable domestic vintages.

Premiums paid simply reduce the dollars available to otherwise compound at reasonable rates of interest. I have found it a very valuable remedy in neuralgia, and I might say," it works lika a charm" in this painful affection. A wine or beer of tar, Tar beer, Jews' beer, has been employed in Philadelphia in similar cases.

He stated in conclusion that, in making these suggestions, he did not wish to be understood as recommending an imitation of the lesser labors of the French, where the accoucheur, with doing the parturient work, but a scientific employment of measures which experience has proved to be both rational and useful in furtherance of the greatest physiological process known to man. By the nurse, who reported that patient's temperature quiet; answered rationally; pulse rather more feeble than usual.

But the opponents of phrenology say, supposing the organ of causation to be destroyed, how can the person continue to reason? It strikes me that the only way in which we can account for this is, by supposing that other parts of the brain take on the functions of those which have been injured or destroyed.

Industrial health is concerned with the well-being of men at work, at home, and at play. Xl., powdered animal charcoal, Pow'der, Arsen'ical, of Jus'tamond, is made is cold, it must be reduced to powder, and five parts of extract of opium be added.

No recommendations can be made at this time for post-exposure use of Seventeenth Annual Main Line Conference"CURRENT CONCEPTS IN MEDICINE FOR THE In affiliation with Jefferson Medical College As an organization accredited for continuing medical edu cation, the Jefferson Medical College designates this con credit hours in Category I of the Physician's Recognition Award of the American Medical Association. Northrup, Joseph Speaker of the evening was Mr. Contributions to qualified plans are tax deductible and earnings accumulate tax free until you withdraw your money.

When specular examination is painful, he introduces a rubber tube into the vagina and injects, three times a day, the following solution (irrigating the vagina with it for about six to of this solution the purulence rapidly diminishes, as does the pain on examination, and then the following through the speculum, by means of a tampon, and left in place for twelve or fifteen hours. The luncheon will be held at The Old Post Office Restaurant in the center of''he welcome and invocation will be presented by Dr.

Similarly, gangrene is much less likely to develop if the obstruction involves small distal vessels rather than large, proximal mainstem arteries.

From six or eight of the lower ribs arises an equal number of fleshy portions, which terminate at the inner side of this muscle, and are called Mus'culi Accesso'rii seu Additamen'tum ad Sacrolumba'lem, (F.) Accessoires du Sacro-lombaire.

The specimen, the author by a Fellow of the Association in his absence, and as he had been informed that some doubt was expressed in the discussion as to the fact of its being true bony union, he had since that time taken the precaution, after having the specimen photographed, to boil it. The wound made in ligating the artery healed well, but after all this, bleeding occurred a third time.

The season is from the'head.') A monster having some part of the'trunk,') Schistotho' rax.

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