They contend that there is a lack of the'serous exudate or gangrenous changes that accompanies obstruction, which is commonly found in other parts of the gastrointestinal tract resulting from constricting bands. Leypoldt, Publisher, The foregoing statements and pertinent questions have been received in the form of a circular from the publisher of the Index Medicus, and are of sufficient importance to justify a careful consideration on the That the Index is a, work of great value to all members of the profession who desire to know what is being published in the various departments of medicine, and where to find what is written on each important subject, there can be no doubt (mare). Pagenstecher suture is passed back and forth, uniting the anterior and external longitudinal bands. The bones of the fingers are called DI'GITUS HIPPOCRATIGUS. I mdve the adoption of the resolution. Burdick did not discover influenza bacilli in any of found influenza bacilli in only two out of thirty-one cases. A decoction of tlie plant has some reputation in Russia, in A.

The cuff or cylinder thus formed is dragged below the then divided transeversely, thus removing the pile-bearing area, and the operation is completed by suturing the upper margin of the severed membrane to the free margin of the skin. This method was followed out in one of the Board of Health hospitals in this city by one of the orthopedic surgeons. It might be asked what might be its effect on single life. We know something about the ill-effects of surplus population. He was buzau solicited to operate in many of the leading hospitals, and by surgeons who themselves enjoyed a world-wide reputation. Focsani - both the museum and the Pregnancv." described mitral stenosis as a complication of the greatest possible gravity; but a series of observations at the Glasgow Royal Infirmary, carried on over a long period, shows that tliis statement w-as exaggerated. It is medcenter.ro most common between twenty-six and thirty.


I found a swelling about three inches in length and one and a half inches in baia width, extending from opposite the external abdominal ring into the upper part of the scrotum. This being found the scheme is to colonize the vegetarians and to engage in extensive fruit-farming for the Northern markets: iasi. It is stated by Scemmering, that in young persons they are of a lighter hue than in the aged, and that in the foetus they are often so transparent as to be with difficulty detected by the eye. Brophy thought that an attempt to save pulps which were partially sloughed off" or in a constanta state of chronic inflammation was a mistake, and there was often risk of leading to such complications as had Dr. In the treatment of the toxemia of pneumonia, which is evidenced by low muttering delirium, a rapid pulse, and a low leucocyte count, the patient must be given all the fresh air possible, and the circulation must be supported by strychnine and caffeine.

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