'd,jrom the Headquarters of the Army of the Potomac, in relation to the Duties of Commissaries of Subsistence in connection witli hospital without the authority of the medical director. He slept very little that night, but the next day seemed completely himself. I have examined with care every part of the house, cellar and cooking apparatus.

Of these eighty-eight worms of the digestive organs it is useless to attempt any description in a work of the present limits, so that our attention must be mainly confined to their symptoms and treatment. Clair Thomson in discussing this paper related his experience of the operation of laryngofissure, and pointed out that it was obvious that both the public and the medical profession in Denmark were more alert in discerning the conditions which could be relieved by operation than they were in England, as shown by the large number of opportunities afforded to Professor Schmiegelow.

If they came to compare the heads of different individuals, they would Gnd that such was not the case. - work well up to date both in the subject-matter of the text and in the references (which are very numerous).

Bacilli tuberculosis may permeate the air, but they can do no harm. Of the different methods of physical therapy employed in medicine broad sense means treatment of a disease bv the aid of different rays.

Hence it is chieBy when sobriety has followed a protracted debauch, and the previous indulgence of the patient has induced that condition of the nervous system which readily takes on diseased action, that the delirium tremens takes place. Send CV to Michael Getzell, MD, Chief, Dept of Internal Medicine, Kaiser Permanente Medical Center, SAN FRANCISCO AREA. If there is simply a thin septum of perineum over the rectum, it is a very simple matter; but if the bulb of the rectum is high up and you cannot pull it down, the operation is much more difficult. In connection with this subject another important question at once arises. A careful disinfection of the hands, just as if no gloves were to be worn, is absolutely essential, because they may be torn or pricked by instruments, or ripped up on bits of bone or other hard material dnring operation. In the case of a person with normal hearing, a vibrating tuning-fork should be placed on the mastoid process, and the surgeon should be notified by a signal from the patient when he ceases to hear the sound.

In a long experience in which I have paid much attention to these diseases, I have collected a number of instances of independent caecal disease, where the caecum alone presented lesions, sometimes going on to chronic inflammation, ulceration, and perforation. Reginald Lucas, Member of the Board of Management of the Middlesex Hospital, gives an interesting account of the history of that institution.

The fact was kept in mind that it might be necessary at some future date to do a cholecystenterostomy. Quimby, whose opinion coincided with his; and she was advised to go home on account of a great aversion to hospital treatment. Continuity care must occur in at least two of the years and preferably three. Remarks explanatory of the Tables. Seeds of various kinds, buttons, bristles, worms, shot, pins and gall-stones have also been found. Both knee jerks were well marked. Many of them have been discovered only at autopsy. Almost all the fibrous connective tissue fragments grew actively after five or six transplants. Chapin had referred would be productive of good results. After removing all particles with the blunt hook and curette and ir-' rigation with hot water, the haemorrhage ceased, the uterus contracted, and a slow convalescence ensued from the extreme anaemic condition.

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