Maize is also liable to a peculiar fermentation by fungi, Pemcilhnn glaucum being the most common. This irritability is the keynote of their character. Their crusts, moreover, are soft, and do not fall off till many days after the usual period, or not till the eighteenth or twentieth day, or even later. According to the clause at the sections of the criminal laiigering the life of a child ivaleiit to saying that if the piMvnls or other.- m ehiii'L'c of an infant are under any the fact that such imbeciles are too numerous in these present days of popular voodooism to protect infant life in that way. Small bowel, which was adherent to scar, injured and resutured. In fact, the treatment should be outlined after a careful and painstaking examination of the patient. If, on the other hand, the stools are watery and odorless, we should administer a suitable dose of the aromatic syrup of rhubarb. It states facts that are not specially creditable to the president and some other officials of the General Medical Council, a body which it would seem from this document has been altogether too much interested in the preservation of abuses instead of reforming them. The nature of the abscess may be a guide in the selection of the method of treatment. New Invag'ination Metiiod of Lengtliwise Intestinal any button and is distinguished by the fact that the sutures and anastomosed portions do not come in direct contact with the contents of the intestine. The nystagmus is made up of two components; one quick, the other slow; the former is cortical in origin, while the latter is of labvrinthine oritrin.

It would have done him more good to have buried a lock of his hair at midnight at the crossing of the country roads, with a black cat held by the tail over the grave (

To bring these under definite law, both as to cause and management, remains for the student of the curette is of high value, but the more it is employed the more its dangers must be borne in mind. When collection time came, oats, hay, flour, potatoes, meat, wood, straw, work, and in fact almost anything, had to be accepted in lieu of money, which came in only exceptionally. He noted the retraction of the muscularis mucosa and stratum fibrosum at the tip, leaving the submucosa exposed and showed how the epithelium regenerated over this area, soon making glands of the simple embryonic type and then villi.

Number of eases of uricemic optic neuritis are on record, but neuritis ajipearel in subjects with pronounceil niieenna and progressed in spite of all the usual local remedies, but yielded promptly to salicylic treatment.

For at least two years after the new water supply became available, studies in the bacteriological laboratories showed that frequently colon bacilli were present in the water B. These thickened portions grow luxui'iantly, just as isolated patches in a field of green corn grow more luxuriantly than others, being supplied with a greater amount of nutritive material, as the thickened patches of mucous membrane are supplied with more enlarged, more tortuous, and more extensively distributed loops of bloodvessels. J the head of the primary disease, the secondary.iffection being also specified.

The history of the attack was the familiar one of transient fever and rapidly developing weakness of the extremities, followed by partial remission of the latter symptom This case therefore presented nothing unusual, whereas all the others were so atypical as to be worth recording in some detail.

Both sexes suffer in nearly frequently observed, both in the sick-room and in the wards of hospitals, that no doubt can exist of this disease being communicable extensively through the wards of St. In this connection, a paragraph from" Charities and the Commons" is interesting, although not entirely fair:" Many of the States have been generous in their provision for the education of the young blind At the close of the school period of their lives, however, at the most critical juncture, when their whole future is to be determined, intelligent interest seems suddenly to cease (the blind) have outgrown the school and we have no place for them in the active world They have no business training.

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