However, the blood may be stopped, by injecting up the nostril a solution of alum water or a solution of sulphate of iron, or the tincture of iron, or by forcing a plug of wool up the nostril, haying a stlring attached to it by which to draw it out when the bleeding stops. Apparatus for the isolation of a single spectral color. Sopra le sindromi emotive en di guerra.

In the cases in which it occurs, the jaundice persists until death. The fact that the attempt to take water will induce a spasm, and makes the sufferer dread the sight of it, gives the popular name to the affection. The whole of the cellular tissue attaching the different organs to the osseous parietes was infiltrated with purulent serosity, and presented in some places, particularly on the left side, layers of sanguineous deposit, the manifest evidence of great contusion. The senses of sight and hearing are abnormally acute; light and sounds occasion distress, and increase the cerebral excitement. The existence of syphilis is to be ascertained, inasmuch as this is a cause of chronic Intermittency of cerebral functions may render the diagnosis difficult. Tropic foliage to be effective in a photograph must be massed. In most cases, persons are attacked when exposed to the direct rays of the sun, but there are exceptions to this rule. Leblanc hr proved, that normal blood does not irritate serous membranes; but that blood which has become modified by being external to the vessels exceedingly irritates such membranes. It is a flat, scarcely elevated patch, on mucous membranes generally covered by a whitish pellicle. Cord, Degeneration of; injury of certain parts of the brain causes descending secondary degeneration of certain parts of the cord bearing centrifugal impulses, and whose trophic centers lie in the motor areas of the brain. Without nausea or vomiting, the affection is commonly known as nervous headache. Histologically the growth consisted of small I reported this case as one of lympho-sarcoma of the deep cervical glands involving the thyroid and simulating goitre, but I have no doubt now that it was a case similar to Kretschy's, in which the growth developed from a thyroidal lobe with extensions INSTITUTIONS FOR THE TREATMENT OF PULMONARY CONSUMPTION IN THE CONSULTING PHYSICIAN TO THB GERMAN LUTHERAN HOSPITAL Phthiso-therapv has not made any decided advances during the last year, although the use of hot air by means of inhalation and the internal administration of pure vegetable creasote have claimed considerable attention of the profession, and both possess a certain degree of value which entitles them to further investigations and clinical trials. The programme espanol on both days will include short communications from other members of the association. The I phylloxer,r) frequently found in association with the the root-inhabiting type of that insect.

Thus, carbon has four valencies. It may be explained that" stoichiometry" is a hideous word couuoting tlie measurement of chemical combination in definite proportions, and its application to quantitative chemical calculations. The extensioa of inflammation from the umbilical vessels to the perineum explains the occurrence, in some instances, of infantile peritonitis. Rapport sur les mesures a prendre par les produits medicamenteux d' origine Lewy (A.) Wie sollen wir uns in Zukunft zur produits franeais les produits "rosary" pharmaceutiques allemands les plus importants? Lyon Ravasini (R.) II problema della produzione Thorns (H.) Ueber den Arzneimittelverkehr See, also, Care of Wounded; Gunshot Wounds. If these etiological relations be wanting, tumor is more probable than abscess. The ability to do this enables us to locate correctly the position or distance of objects falling forward or downward of a part. Elgart, Nagy, Korte, and Payr and Witzel recorded operations of the same kind, bnt they were not attended by much practical success. Clinical Dlaordura of (Tbomaa Heat TranamlMHlon llirouijli Heavy BulldinK Bcrrfeiva of espaol Boohs ftnntiniud): Infaate. It is not often that the surgeon has an opportunity to treat these cases in the early stages, for they are usually found in the medical wards under the head of rheumatism, typhoid fever, etc. - recently at Chedworth, Gloucestershire, of illness contracted on active service. Whenever they are ill with any affection, their mental constitution leads to a sense of danger and to despondency as i-egards recoveiy.

From then to the twelfth of the month the months was complete. There are others again, who, while they admit the affection to be general, consider it to be the result of a purulent or putrid infection of local origin, such as phlebitis, or gangrene of the uterus. Or gas, and blood, in the pleural cavity.

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