Through practice this harmonious action, this coordination, can be increased to a marvelous degree. It seems to be a typical case in which malignant As to the case of resection of the fibula: Considering the extensive involvement, the tortuous course of the sinuses leading into the bone, the openings of which you see in the specimen, and the probability that not all the diseased bone could have been removed, it seems to me the wisest course was pursued. Mr, Lowe, show their determination that these dispensaries shall be effictently conducted, as seen in the order that, after a certain date (June By this order, it appears to me that the principle of contracting with the profession for the supply of medicines is condemned, on the highest aatoority, as untenable; and it only remains that we, as a body, press Uie adoption of the new"order" on the boards of guardians.


The production of artificial coffee has also received some attention in Germany (www.medsci.cn/sci). On making tlic longitudinal incixion, the parts gaped widely, and a thin layer oi muscular tissue was exposed. The material progress of the University during his occupancy of the provostship is shown Varicocele; F. Hofmann would, if invited, leave his present We have abstained from noticing the monstrous charges of the exconvict Redding against the medical men who attended him in gaol, since they were to be brought to the test of legal inquiry. Noursr, of Brighton, has used strapping and bandaging with great success. I had several conversations with the celebrated Baron Langenbeek immediately after the termination of the Franco-German war, and he told me that, according to his experience, nothing equalled chloral in checking spasm after operations, and he had used it largely, especially in amputations, during the war. If a wounded man cfinnot walk he must be carried this distance by stretcher bearers, and many of them were killed while performing this duty. As the disease is met with at all seasons of the year, various complications may be expected from exposure or other act of imprudence on the part of the patient. To one who can never have the opportunity of studying superior hospital methods it would be valuable reading as the next best thing to be had, and for one who is preparing to take such a course it would be valuable as preparing him to get the greatest good from his opportunities. The amount of recompense to jurors in the city corone court is fourpence a head for seventeen"good men and true." The medical profession in Britain is not, it appears, increasing at t rate it was thought to be. It was only when historical www.medsci.cn methods obtained during the present century that lexicographers were enabled to trace modern words past cognate forms to a common origin, or to a connected language whereby they could infer a common origin. These cases do not come to the dental practitioner for treatment as often as they pass into the hands of the nose and throat specialist. From this time on he progressed rapidly toward recovery and was discharged so was advised to return to the dispensary for dressing. It appears, therefore, possible that pericarditis may be the only manifestation of a rheumatic attack. "a sore in the grine or yard, which if it comes by letcherie, it is called a Winchester goose or a botch." And this a sparkle of that fire let loose That was rak'd up In the Wlnehesterian Goose Bred on the Bank in times of popery When Venus there maintained the mystery. The case of small-pox in the Hardwicke Hospital, Dublin, is now convalescent. Presence of multiple arthritis would indicate syphilitic rather than tubercular disease of the spine, especially if the child were under Dr, B. We should look, for instance, for somewhat by year for the last three decades these reports have shown a gradual but steady improvement in tlie health of the British mainly "medsci.cn" due to the steady advance of preventive and curative medicine, and should compel tlie most prejudiced to recognise that medical science is an essential factor in the efficiency of armies. Of the heart, of the diaphragm, and other striated muscles, and also of the parenchyma of the liver and kidneys. Another patient refused operation, the eyeball ruptured, and the contents of the orbit became infected and presented as a black pigmented mass. His results, briefly stated, are as follows, i. The young man who died had all the symptoms of kidney disease, and took prescribe it under any conditions, but recently have used it with good results. Sections that can for a moment compare with that which inheres in the dirty privy excavation and the foul cesspool. The enlarged scope of the University of Maryland should be very gratifying to its friends, well wishers, faculties and alumni.

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