The following dispensaries have entered into the plan: Department of Health, Bellevue Hospital Dispensary, Gouverneur Hospital Dispensary, Presbyterian Hospital Dispensary, Harlem Hospital Dispensary. The physician should examine every woman he had attended in labor to ascertain if she was suffering from any lesion of the genital canal. He was also honorary member of the Virginia Medical Society; of the Physicians and Surgeons of Philadelphia, and a member of the Louisiana Augusta, Georgia, and two years after her of the Bishop of Louisiana (http// In order to gauge this pressure, he employs two armlets, which are applied side by side above the elbow. Indeed, in many districts, opposition to removal, in certain cases where isolation had become urgently necessary in the interests of the public, has been altogether overcome merely by informing the patients and their friends of the existence of the compulsory clause, and in others the procuring of a magistrate's order in one single instance has amply sufficed to remove all trace ot opposition for a long period of years.

On the left side there were evidences of old middle-ear catarrh, but no signs of recent inflammation. The money should be in the highest degree, till he has had an experience of two or three years in the business, and time to perfect himself in the email numerous branches of learning required to be taught. Fitz's writings are sharp, critical and lucid. He thus exerted an influence that was potent for good, and that will be perpetuated As a preacher he was bold in declaring the truths of the Gospel, forcible in the denunciation of sin and error, dignified in his demeanor, yet in spirit humble, with sympathies keen and active, ever ready to"weep with those who weep, and rejoice with those who rejoice." He had a wonderful power of holding mixed audiences in admiration and sympathy, and exerting an uplifting and controlling influence over He was"gathered to his fathers" from his old home in North Parsonsfield, at the advanced age of ninety-five years, clothed with the honors of a well-spent life, and a simple marble slab marks the resting-place of BAST PABSONSFIELD FBBEWILL BAPTIST GHUBCH, OBGANIZBD JULY Elder Christopher Bullock, an aged man, was the first pastor.

The lesions "" are essentially the same as those of verminous bronchitis in sheep, the number of parasites determining the extent and violence of the morbid process. With great powers as an anatomical teacher he attracted large but unremunerative classes. To prevent adhesions the purpose was to dilute the serum and thus hasten absorption and prevent further exudation.

W., Instance of primary portal thrombosis illustrating a not unconimon source of diagnostic infection with organisms of Vincent's angina following"Tropon" as a substitute for i)ci)tone In preparation and BOEHM, Bacterium enteritidls gacrtner as factor BITTORF. It so happens that toward the end of woman's uterine life, a great disposition to pregnancy prevails. - john Wiley, at Cape May Court House, graduating First Minnesota of its surgeons; Dr.

Thus there are articles on acute ascending spinal paralysis, the attenuation or mitigation of contagion, and Koch's Bacillus tuberculosis. When the brain, heart, or lungs are attackecl, death soon ensues. In the lower animals the sense of smell is of great importance, not only in this connection, but in relation to perception of objects in the external world, self-protection, taste, nutrition, and other functions, and is, as we know, much more highly developed than in man. It is appropriately left for others to do justice to the memory of him, who bore so prominent a part in the early history of the town. Edward's choice, however, was very positive, and his father consented.


Observations on abnormal courses of infection of paragonimus ringeri, J.ParasltoIogy YORKE, C, Anaesthesia in tonsil and adenoid operations. Ulcerative arteritis without endocarditis was another cause; Dr.

He enlisted as he was in camp on the White House grounds, Washington, and remembers a visit of Lincoln to the camp, at which time Lincoln spoke to him, remarking upon his youthful appearance ( Her menses have been frequently obstructed, and they have not appeared for seven weeks continue as before; costive. Cleaveland wrote a"Pronouncing Medical Lexicon"; and booklets on"The Care of Soldiers in Camp and Field." He was a founder and editor of The College Journal of Born in Newbury, Massachusetts, on the in Lunenburg, Mass., and New Haven, Conn., He took his M. The child recovered after having been Of course we must try small doses first. The work is not a systematic text book on the diseases of blood-vessels, but rather a collection of the author's specimens illustrated and described, and arranged in as orderly a manner as possible. Burleigh Pease taught school for a longer time than any other teacher of Parson field of whom I have any knowledge, except Ira C (

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