During the four years he was in college he rode horseback more than eight miles every day, going to college and home again, and was not absent a day, says An attempt was made in the last hours of the Illinois Legislature to pass a bill repealing the law regulating the practice of veterinary medicine (timetable). Harrington, the veterinarian, was called, and after a diagnosis of the case, pronounced examination of the stomach, which disclosed a miniature rolling mill. Attention has not been directed sufficiently to its importance. The patient now receives a hypodermic of one of the aseptic ergot preparations which also has been prepared previous to delivery. At the age of eighteen she was appointed mathematical tutor in Queen's College, London:

Occasionally the foreign body may have passed beyond the joint without actually escaping, when the question may arise whether it is still in communication by an infected tract or whether that has become shut off". - she was unmarried, about forty years old, and had always had"stomach trouble" with one attack diagnosticated as appendicitis during childhood. The administration of a fourth of a reviews grain of morphine was indicated in frequently recurring attacks. Several months elapsed before these epileptic returns could be entirely arrested; but they were finally, by the monthly application of a pessary the day previous to the expected menstrual difficulty, was kept measurably corrected; but never more than a month remedies were used in turn, without conspicuous benefit. Professor morning a twelve year old mare was dull, depressed, carrying her lips of the vulva were swollen, the vaginal mucosa edematous with small ecchymoses.

Tliis al)normal orifice communicated with the bladder. The normal post-sphenoid is surrounded in the foetus by a well-defined cartilaginous rim. In the front row two kneeling figures, one with a diadem and one wearing a metal head-piece represent probably the Emperor Frederick and Michael Scot; the hand of a figure which can be identified as Averroes points to the latter who also bears a strong resemblance to the Melrose effigy. Treatment by arsenic and mercury observation of the patient for a considerable period afterwards is essential, even if the Wassermann test is negative.

The skin of the hands both on the palm and dorsum was healthy in appearance and texture; the nails had resumed their ordinary aspect as regards polish and consistence. Diagnosed the case as rheumatic fever. I regret much the opposition of the parents prevented a more minute investigation.

Four grains as an emetic, and a quarter of a grain every two hours, had been employed. The last two symptoms were probably due to a vaso-motor hyperaemia which, as Chauffard and Monnot have shown, may be tissociated with Graves's Lian attaches considerable value to hyperaesthcsia of the thyroid in the diagnosis of incomplete Graves's disease.

This regulation is of little value, as any infection of man has taken place before the notification is served. The lower i aw was then sawed through by a chain saw, within half an inch of each of its angles, and the bone, with the mass of the diseased parte, v ere then removed by the straight bistoury. The pest-toxine is produced by the local morbid processes of the intestines (ulcers), which enters into the chart circulation as soon as formed, and produces the pest-fever. The white diarrhoea of chicks is consequently considered to be caused by the chicken cholera organism, which, like other members of the haemorrhagic septicaemia group, can occasion sporadic cases of the malady at one time and devastating epidemics at another. The present book meets this Dr. On account of increase of deformity and active symptoms. Skill and experience are so necessary that the direct transfusion of arterial blood cannot come into general use.

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