The patients are with a condition diagnosed at the Mayo Clinic as nervous exhaustion ( (jf Winston-Salem, began to use this rriethod of treatment. Cheadle collected thirty-three cases of recovery and in all of them in which the size of the liver is noted, the organ was enlarged.

For the distinction of the point of the urethra from which the pus proceeds no test is better in the writer's opinion than the Wolbarst five glass test. I am a strong believer in the surgical treatment of peritonitis in appropriate I do not claim that this remedy (pilocarpine) is a specific, but believe it better than the exclusive reliance on opium, nor do I believe that experience will finally justify the cathartic plan of treatment.

Often send you to a skilled man. It is also employed with satisfactory results in diarrhea and dysentery. I have recently completed the treatments in three other cases of exophthalmic goiter with the same gratifying results. The cat chases the mouse; the young duckling makes for the pond; the squirrel during the fall season hides away hickory nuts any definite end. If the output of urine is not increased In the presence of marked edema a daily saline cathartic may benefit for several days.

The apathy of the patient was self-evident; the limited outflow of intestinal content was probably due to a very small perforation appearing in an almost empty intestine. On February aist the patient was examined, and both kidneys were found to be in position. Possibly it is through ultra-rigid adherents to these and other similar details that Lane's own results have been very much better than those of any other operator; hence he is justified in retaining an enthusiasm for the method that cannot be shared by others. The injection was very often followed by a reaction.

Besides local applications, we must also bear in mind the necessity of constitutional treatment, especially in syphilis and tuberculosis.

In catarrh of the bladder, especially such as results from gonorrhea, or irritant injections used in its treatment, this remedy is very valuable. In the infant the fundus of the uterus is on a line with the anterior superior spinous processes and the bladder when full rises a little higher, both of these organs being actually in the abdominal cavity. If this fails to give istics must be depended on to the great- the necessary information, the knife est extent.

If beneficent if used in right way, even a harmless drug is harmful if used in the wrong way. D Routine culture of the aspiration fluid is necessary if the treatment of empyema is to have a logical basis: .And one other point I will mention, in treating old people with diabetes, we have certainly got to be careful about finding out whether they have any ccronan.- disease, and if they have the slightest such indication wc have got to be extremely careful. The most beautiful creations pictured in the imagination of Mohammedans are the houris, represented in the Koran as nymphs of Paradise, formed of musk, who exhale from their lovely bodies entrancing We are told by travelers that it is the custom of many Eastern peoples to spend after each meal a season of quiet, while the air around them is rendered fragrant by a fine mist; or, this not being convenient, a bottle of their favorite perfume is constantly inhaled. If all diseased tissue is removed primary union results, and often, too, where all diseased tissue does not appear to have been removed. The text books dismiss it very briefly. The greatest care should be observed in every detail of antisepsis; the patient being placed with her hips on the edge of the bed, Sims speculum introduced, and the uterus drawn down with a tenaculum forceps. It relieves smarting and itching.

Not a word is said against theenemy, and nothing in his praise, for the writer deals as his title denotes solely with the German wounded of Fortietit, Annual Meeting, Held at White Siilplmr The President, Dr. This patient was completely cured by enjoining a normal and natural intercourse. It is also serviceable in fissute, prolapsus ani and superficial bums. The climacteric period lasted three years and was of a type which is familiar to every physician, for so little success attends its treatment.

They come on either spontaneously or from some special predisposing cause. Terior obturator, sciatic branches to the hamstrings, and the branches of the internal popliteal to the gastrocnemius soleus. Diet alone may suffice in some cases.

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