This particular inspection is eminently useful to aid in the protection of numerous lives.

Your correspondent goes on to say that the existence of these pnreeultures was known to me betore my article was published. The spleen was not particularly enlarged. The situation and nature of the disease.

Then for wholly unknown reasons, diminution set in and the virus returned approximately to the low level of the original human material. The fluid is withdrawn slowly enough to allow the viscera which have been displaced to approach their normal positions pharma-ir.ir gradually and without shock. Now nothing tends to increase this more than sudden artificial applications of cold, as by cold bathing or sponging, followed by friction., exercise, heat, or stimulant in usefully applying cold with these intentions, consists in using the cold in such manner and degree, and having the body in such a state before and after the application, that the reaction or glow, which is the sign of vigour in the capillary circulation, shall be most fully produced. Whisky or the whip will exercise him- for the time being. Erwin arterial hyperemia favors regeneration of tissue. After this, that part of the internist's contribution to the combined effort is a precise estimate of the patient's resistance as shown by the history of the case and an informed opinion upon the probable course of the disease under eventual continuation of purely medical treatment.

Widal discovered that this action is not confined to animals experimentally made immune, or hyper-vaccinated, but is also possessed by the blood of human beings suffering from typhoid fever, as he showed that it might be utilized in the dignosis of that disease. Maintenance of his views, which he knew were founded upon close observation, attracted much attention and caused them said he was a charlatan who was guilty of pretending to do what "//www.pharma-ir.ir" he could not do. If the first full dose of quinia fails to produce the efiects above indicated, it should be repeated the following day in full dose; if this fails completely, the remedy may be abandoned. Langmaid: This question might be construed the wrong way.

A similar augmentation takes place in the vessels of the uterus during pregnancy, when the blood drawn generally exhibits a buffed appearance; and although such an appearance is not commonly presented by blood drawn from fast-growing children during health, yet in them it is very readily induced by inflammation, and the plastic products are unusually copious. It is recognized by the sudden oppression and dyspnoea which it produces, the intense congestion and livid blueness of the face and general surface, accompanied by high febrile reaction, great prostration, often delirium, and followed by pallor, sinking, apnoea, and death. So also in cases attended by restlessness and sleeplessness at night, opiates may be administered in full doses at bedtime for the purpose of procuring sleep. These symptoms are most distinctly observed where some permanent disease of the organs of circulation or respiration incapacitates them for the increased task. Motions of a paralysed limb so violent, in a hemiplegic patient, that it was necessary every night to fasten it down to the bedstead to enable the patient to get sleep. Taken in the middle of its upper border. The traditional"banquet hall deserted" is a place of festivity compared with their vacant corridors, their silent salons de lecture and their deserted tables d'hote. We afterward spent a very pleasant evening with htpp Ziegler and von Kahlden.

The drainage from the land is necessarily, from certain local conditions, inii)uro. A strong practitioner needs little or no protection by law.


If it were possible to demonstrate constriction of the efferent vessel by adrenalin in the intact animal witli associated diuresis the force and usefulness of the experiments just cited would be increased. He uses the green chromic salt.

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