And the general character of the disease, associated with multiple fod of suppuration, the complications in small-pox are remarkably Laryngitis is serious in three ways: it may produce a fatal oedema of the glottis; it is liable to extend and involve the cartilages, producing necrosis; and by diminishing the sensibility of the larynx, it allows irrititing particles to reach the lower air-passages, where they excite bronchitis or broncho-pneumonia.

Until recently dietetics have been on a very unscientific basis.

In Pbiladelphia it was very common to have patients sent to hospital supposed to be suffering with malaria, who had well-developed signs of pulmonary tuberculosis, (r) Bronchilic ontet. Cannot take even moderate resomed.co.za exercise without much oppression beneficial that she continued it regularly up to this time, seeing Dr.

First in time came the origin and rise of the great science of bacteriology, and hence it was natural that one form of bacterium after another was supposed by different observers to be the cause of yellow fever. Of alopecia areata on the scalp: the first thing to be done is to prevent it from extending (login). Amusement is a great factor in both physical and mental health, and particularly so in the case of children. In heavy drinkerH the delirium may have the character of delirium tremens. There are instances also in which when the stomach contains no food there is a secretion of a highly acid juice. It is important to add that a foreign body lodged in a primary bronchus will cause the same soimding cough. These cases generally present a weakness of the fascial muscles (myopathic face), an atrophy especially of the sterno-cleido-mastoids, the vasti muscles of the thighs and dorsi flexors of the feet, in addition to the myotonic condition. In such cases, as is not nnnatnral, it has been mistaken for an ovarian tumor. On the appearance of a new work, the author received a note requesting a presentation copy, on the plea of the writer's connexion with the press, ensuring favoui-able notices.

At the same time the soft parts above and below the thorax are retracted at each inspiration. The material from the abscess cavity shows chiefly fatty and granular detritus, few cellular elements, and more or less numerous amoebae. Unless some method can be found for improving the financial position of the university professor, it is to he feared that many men who otherwise would shed luster on scholarship will, sadly citing the well-known phrase from Horace. This measure may be difficult to attain, but still remains the only certain Wholly different from the drug poisons which we have just been discussing are those common poisons which are of a metalUc nature, namely, arsenic and lead.


The eruption may involve the larynx, changing the voice or even causing aphonia. The effect of the obstruction is (i tation, with catarrlial or suppurative cholangitis. We have given much attention to pure groceries, and we should he loathe to consume over again what someone else has ejected. It is not to be forgotten that some authors enlarge the hysterical group and limit the tetany group, and when it is considered how clumsily at times physicians conduct their examinations for the Chvostek, Trousseau, and Erb signs, especially overlooking the opportunities for sugges tion in their examinations, it is perfectly understandable why such variances exist. This terrible' but fortunately rare disease is seen only in children under very iusanitaiy conditions or during convalescence from the acute fevers.

RicHAP-nsox remarked that in the patient whom he brought before the Society the left was the leg portal.resomed.co.za affected. He died after two days from excessive hematuria. However, a child born with a defective nervous system may be more subject to toxic influences than normal children.

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