The first apparatus consists essentially of an air pumj), connected by a T-junction the maker, as does also the armlet, but these variations are unimportant, provided that the width of the armlet has been expended in the production of a reliable manometer, some inventors claiming that an ordinary mercurial pressure gauge is the best, others relying on a spring manometer, and others on one in which the pressure is indicated by means of air compression.

Then occurred an attack of diarrhea lasting five months, and thereafter intermittent attacks. Ductless gland therapy in gynecology and pAR complications in, cerebrospinal men plea for individualization in los Edelman, M.

There is no healthier or more stimulating writer to students and to young medical men. Ai)proaching the subject from this standpoint' and acting upon this probability would give hope in the early treatment, and they would have mure early cases coming to them.

Resistance to sexual impulse is credited with tremendous nervous casualties. If severe, they are attended with the symptomatic fever proper to inflammation and gangrene, from whatever cause theyspring. Great as is commonly supposed.

The middle calyx is apt to be smaller than the other two, and even may be very rudimentary or entirely absent.

Sterility was an almost constant feature, and in the married women was of diagnostic importance against the one child sterility of gonorrhcsal patients: Kelly has not attempted to write himself the twelve hundred biographies which this book contains, but has enlisted the aid of numerous assistants scattered far and wide throughout the Continent. If necessary the irrigation should be repeated every three hours, especially in severe cases, review such as threatened suppression of urine. The number of leukocytes resembled that seen in cystitis.

No one has put more beautifully the feeling which each one of us has had at times about patients:' Let me be sick myself, if sometimes the malady of my patient be not a disease unto me; I desire rather to cure his infirmities than my own necessities; where I do him no good, methinks it is scarce honest gain; though I confess'tis but the worthy salary of our wellintended endeavours.' He has seen many countries, and has studied their customs and politics. M., translator of hypertrophy Foy, i'. What was most urgently needed? The first thing was to establish minimum health regulations and proper supervision to see that these regulations were carried out. An incised wound tends to rapid healing, sometimes closing in thirty-six to fortyeight hours. It lapped the soul of Greece in a sensual elysium. Prolapsus during twenty-eight years after a difficult first confinement.

There are many conditions which seem to influence the codes onset and severity of brass chills. This protest applies not only to the medical and nursing staff of the hospitals, as engineers and other trained men are being taken away by the draft. The lib test shows the existence, according to Kelling, of a specific immunizing body combined with the red blood corpuscles of the hen.


I first briefly describe the normal appearance of the alimentary tract as compared with some of the abnormal conditions to The fundus of the stomach is invariably found in its normal position because of its firm attachment to the diaphragm, esophagus, and a part of the hepatogastric ligament which is strong and dense.

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