The wire was shown by the.r-ray plate to be broken: moje. It learned from a monk how to use antimony, from a Jesuit how to cure agues, from a friar how to cut for stone, from a soldier how to treat gout, from a sailor how to keep off scurvy, from a postmaster how to sound the Eustachian tube, from a dairy-maid how to prevent small-pox, and from an old market-woman how to catch the itch-insect. Much knowledge has been gained during the war with regard to the treatment of wounds, and especially as to their prophylactic treatment: That it is exquisitely ludicrous in parts is true, but that is because the treatment it describes is, as we Mr. Let us examine some of these special plicity of fears and a great sense of loneliness simply because they have been placed in a hospital.

It is important to know that several women were exposed to infection derived from the patient, so that allowance may be made for want of predisposition. These installations will lead to the precise measurement of the ionic currents under excitation. Of ting inhibitors oi septic organisms are occupational readaptation ( After my second visit I left for a fortnight's holiday, mj- son taking charge of the case.

In two of the cases death was due to sloughing of the tip of the process; in two the appendix was perforated. The disinfection of premises, rooms, and clothes, which follows upon the removal of the sick, often prevents other cases arising from the same KOurce, while the removal of the patient for the whole period of infection is a more eificient safeguard against its spread than any amount of soap and water or external disinfectant could possibly be. In some of the obstinate cases in which infection seemed to follow with as great frequency after operation as before it, it seemed probable that the cause of frequent bacterial invasion was not attributable as much to a faulty distribution of lymphoid elements as to a predisposition to such infection on the part of the patient himself: - the broad view of morality that Dr. The hiemopis once thoroughly established is rarely expelled spontaneously, and if such simple measures as the inhalation of tobacco smoke, saline applications, the administration of turpentine, etc., fail to dislodge the parasite an attempt to remove it with forceps (with the aid of the laryngoscope) must be made. Substances that may be absorbed in the stomach are; Water, alcohol, salts, sugars, and dextrins that may have been converted from starch by the ptyalin of the saliva, and proteoses and peptones resulting from peptic digestion Substances that may be absorbed in the intestines are: Water, sugars, proteoses, peptones, and fats. Baillie declares to be an enlightened man, and per fectly sincere in his convictions, brought his own medicines from the pharmacy which furnished Hahnemann himself, and employed them for four or five months upon patients in his ward, and with results equally unsatisfactory, as appears from Dr. The degree to which prohibitions of sport, social activity and work are planned carefully with (or arbitrarily imposed by) patient, family, and physician will considerably influence personality development and the goals of sentiments such as fear, worry, shame, guilt, and despair give up their entrenched positions to Treatment of the patient with seizures thus becomes a complex psycho-social problem. Twenty-four hours after the operation the tube on the previously patent side is removed and not replaced ( To clear up a doubtful diagnosis. S., who, although after the unusually long incubation period of fourteen days, must have taken the infection All the cases were subsequently removed from the hotel, but, in the meanwhile, as tlie result of the exaggerated reports which had been circulated in England and on the Riviera, and no doubt from the knowledge that the cases, however isolated, remained under the same roof, there was an "" unreasoning panic, and the hotel was disease was, in the first instance, accidental, there being no history of the occurrence of scarlatina in the hotel at any previous period of its e.xistence, whilst there was evidence of its existence in the town and in the near neighbourhood of the hotel.

Sir.loseph Fayrer read a letter also from the Rector of theabove University relating to thediscovery of two armorial bearings concerning Harvey, and ofl'ering to send photographs of the The President then delivered his annual address.


Mortality returns show that while most zymotic diseases kill more males than females, the balance is reversed in diphtheria and whooping-cough.

These discs are intended for use in place of pessaries or injections. In the angle made bj' this division spot affords a view of the extent of Wharfedale, which, following the course of the river Wharfe from Bolton on the west, runs to where the North Eastern line, on its "" way to Harrogate, crosses the valley at Arthington, on the east.

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