A part deprived of vital force, by causes inducing a loss of tone. A set of these books now forms of itself a small but valuable library, which has become the private property of every member who has paid his assessments for the time. The ache was described as a dull, heavy, confused feeling, sometimes very acute, with great congestion and throbbing, or a compressed, constricted feeling. Finally, albuminuric retinitis is Before leaving the subject of early diagnosis I must mention two other misleading conditions, namely, that there are certain albumen and casts may be found fairly constant in ucprx.com/urology their urine Tiie second and more common problem, but not less difificult for solution, is the question as to whether the albumen and casts present are due to true kidney change or to venous congestion as a result of valvular defect.

Flaxseed pooltioei and hot vaginal douches were given with reliet After this she made a good recovery; and February and mental coodition not improved. The stomach can be washed out, also the lower bowel, and most of the germs removed. It is not possible that endosmosis obtains to any considerable extent, because while the gland is surrounded by the materials in the blood, only certain portions of the gland take We have, then, a gland collecting or receiving materials from its neighborhood arid delivering a secretion. Perhaps cases occur, which from their commencement are exceptions to the above statement in regard to the relation of the pseudomembranes to the laryngeal surface in croup and diphtheria. The sleep may be prolonged and rendered more quiet by hypnotization in the evening. As it is very poisonous, it should not be tasted except with great caution.

I found it necessary to commence my treatment with a lenitive clyster, which did not fail to have its good effect; I afterwards ordered the room to be aired, sprinkled the patient's face with vinegar mixed with rose-water, and ordered his feet to be warmed by friction. In this stage of the disease, there is generally a remission of pain; the part is deprived of vital force, by causes inducing a loss of tone.

Arsenicum is one of the sure remedies to act in preserving the cornea from opacity or cloudiness. For example, many health officers think that every case of chicken-pox should be investigated in order to differentiate it from smallpox. A large vein that runs from the inside of the Plethora. If you have ever been in a hospital, you may have noticed the bare floors, the iron bedsteads, the absence of woollen bed-clothing, and the plaui tables, and most probably pitied the inmates for their lack of comforts, and involun tarUy the thought may have arisen in your mind that fortune is more propitious to you when sick, for your sick-room wouldhave at least a good carpet, upholstered furniture, and your bed an easy one to repose upon, and plentifully supplied with woollen blankets, etc. The erujition appears in one or two days after the inauguration of the fever.


To the Honorable the Senate and House of Representatives, in General The undersigned, Physicians and Surgeons, resident in the County ofe Berkshire and Commonwealth of Massachusetts, respectfully represent to your Honorable Body that the present organization of the" Massachusetts Medical Society" is very defective. The cutaneous branches of the external externe.

The section of Human Anatomy is chiefly remarkable for its collection and the various modern tribes, from the Esquimaux at the North to the Patagonians at the southern extremity of South America.

The pulse-rate varied inversely with the pulse pressure, but the volume of the arm used in the determination varied directly with the pressure (www.ucprx.com/urology).

A membranous tube, or canal, through which certain fluids are conveyed. Quite frequently it is found on the whole anterior surface of the heart and on the corresponding parietal layer, being the parts that are exposed to the impact of the heart during systole. In obstinate cases, calcium chlorid may hasten this transformation of the reaction: www.ucprx.com/. More recently I saw a child of three yeara, whose dyspnoea did not seem to be extreme, suddenly sink into fatal prostration, under doses of tartrate of antimony While in croup death results from the obstructed respiration, and consequent imperfect oxygenation of the blood, there is the sanie source of danger in diphtheritic laryngitis, but also the additional danger which results from blood poisoning and structural changes in important organs, as the heart and kidneys. If this course is not effectual, repeat every This disease occasionally prevails as an epidemic in the southern seacoast towns.

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