The subcutaneous injection of morphia may be substituted for this, and would be more rapid in its effect; inject forty minims in front of Apply hot fomentations to the belly, and do not allow the horse to throw himself violently upon the ground, which may cause rupture of Eobertson advises, in cases where the discharge from the bowels is moderate, though not fluid, the daily administration for a time of: Some advise also the throwing of a large injection well up into tlio rectum, -which may be done with a Eey's tube. The vesicle gradually increased in size, but did not pro was broken bj scratching, and discharged a small quantity of claret coloured serum. If out of one hundred cases, ninety suffering women can be restored to lives of usefulness and happiness, would it not be better to give them a chance? No surgeon is justified in doing hysterectomy or the more serious operations for uterine fibroids when the patient has not experienced sufficient trouble to make it a menace to her life.


It also has some exciting influence on the cardio-inhibitory centres in the medulla oblongata, causing the heart to slow down: but after section of the vagi it exercises an opposite effect, increasing the force and frequency of the heart's action, and thus leading to a great rise in the bloodpressure, which is enormously increased by its power of inducing contraction of the muscular tissue of the Gazette, of recent date, contains an account of the way in which Father Kneipp, of cold-water fame, treats his patients at Woerishofen. The park-med.com patient is moribund with a weak pulse becoming inpalpable. Busy clinical Department of Medicine, Permanente Medical THE WESTERN JOURNAL OF MEDICINE Malpractice insurance from CNA carries with it this important commitment: we will continue to provide quality malpractice protection for the long haul throughout the United States. As I have already published the cases in detail, with the exception of the last, which was only performed a few weeks ago, I need not here repeat them, save in general terms, and that is to the effect that in two cases the results are such as to completely justify the proceeding.

These regulations direct that the medical officer shall keep the commanding officer informed crew.

His graphic account of his sensations and sufferings, on the other hand, give much fresh information, especially as regards the occurrence of exacerbations in the disease, or of periods which he calls the acromegalic state during which the symptoms, like the physical signs, are accentuated; these symptoms varied from malaise to complete incapacity to do anything and mental depression.

A further solution of the problem may be found in the difficulties which exist in the cultivation of the science, under the restraints imposed by the natural modesty of the sex, and the customs of refined society. With regard to the presence of cystic growths, the information obtained by; passing the sound into the uterus relates rather to' the mobility of the uterus and to the fact of its being drawn up from the cavity of the pelvis or forced down into the cavity. "In every instance, where practicable, previous to doing so, (using instruments,) it is desirable a second physician should be consulted in order to satisfy both the friends of the patient and ourselves, that we are doing what is essential for her safety. Erb presents the matter more fairly than either of these writers.

The most serviceable of all is Le Fort's operation, not as popular among American surgeons as it deserves to be, owing to its supposed interference with childbirth. But their comparative youth is easily to be accounted for by the large number of blacks engaged as labourers and inhabiting the infected part of the town, very few of them are old or middle aged men.

The limb must be placed in the most advantageous position, as a certain amount of stiffness is bound to follow; and great care must be taken to prevent as much as possible the limb from becoming fixed in any Pennsylvania, records in the January issue of The American youmal of the MediccU Sciences the history of an instructive case of Jacksonian epilepsy, the main points of diffierence between which and true epilepsy are the slow onset, local in character, beginning in (or in mild attacks confined to) one limb or a single group of muscles; the gradual extension until the side is involved, or in severe attacks the entire body; loss of consciousness late, not early and sudden as in true epilepsy j and, lastly, the muscular contractions are clonic. These roots, radices, radicals, it is true, are perhaps better than nothing in our great word-hunger, and since we are so foolish as to scorn our ancient but still good old Anglosaxon market. Given two armies of equal strength, leadership, discipline, and initial morale; but one of them sickly, poorly paid, inadequately supplied, the other in good health, well fed, clothed, and supplied; the latter will almost certainly win in battle. It is realized that some cases were missed, but these were of the k-med.com lesser grades of infestation and in the aggregate probably totaled a small percentage.

FoUiculosis and follicular conjunctivitis is network-med.com an excellent ch'nical division and one of practical value. The cell contents were markedly granular, the nuclei not readily seen, and the lumen of the tubes cells in many places, especially near the boundary hypemucleated with thickening of Bowman's capsule. If a sore is painful, opium may be added to any of the above. This is also established by Beaumont and others. But they must not be mistaken for one of a series of excitements that Senile melancholia is a frequent accompaniment of the physiological involution of the brain on the advent of senility. True medievalism, wherein such nonsense arose, was minded to do the business thoroughly, and devised a complete set of hieroglyphic signs for every drug; As modern science approached, these stupids slunk back again into their alchemic garrets and cloister-cellars, let us hope to die, unless some medieval-minded modern wants them, and will, more suo, galvanize them into life again. "The resemblance of this layer of cells to the epitrichium covering the hairs and the epitrichial layer of certain animals makes the author conclude that they are homologous A case was related of a child born with a thin, perfectly smooth, membrane completely covering it, and closely adherent, suggesting a paraffine-paper envelope. As, however, the annual income is still about number and amounts of the annual subscriptions is earnestly appealed for to enable the directors to meet the constantly growing demands on the resources of the hospital.

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