The average duration of life is twenty-nine years at Pisa and Florence, and twenty-eight only at Rome and Naples; whilst in Paris it is thirty-nine, and in London forty-four. After a severe hemorrhage during parturition a rupture of a blood vessel is produced, and paralysis ensues; the rupture closes up, the clot of effused blood is absorbed and she ultimately gets well, or she may never I will mention here that the gait of a paraplegic person, suffering from hysterical paralysis, differs from one whose paralysis is due to disease owing to an effusion of blood. The speech is of a most characteristic sc kind.

Gradually, after a time, liis condition began to recovery, and in five months was shooting grocse in Scotland. The traumatic fever was extremely moderate, the suppuration, hitherto copious and foetid, was speedily replaced by a healthy puriform secretion, and, extraordinary as it may appear, the young patient was able so early as the fortieth day, to rise and walk with crutches, as if he had merely been affected with simple fracture of the limb. This was attempted by preventing him from lapsing into profound slumber, keeping him in a condition between sleeping and waking, and the result proved successful. Savory held that gentlemen addicted to whining and to telt-pity were not suited for the medical profession.

After glancing briefly at the system adopted at (iheelandin Scotland, lie referred at length to the insane colony at Liemeux, in Belgium, to the boarding out of lunatics as carried out in the Berlin district (which he thought much superior to the Scotch system), and to the recent and singularly successful experiment at Dunle-Roi, in Berry. Tuke's first large independent work was on the Influence of the Mind upon the Budy, later he wrote a verj' large number of books all having relationship to insanity. Gibbs performed with judgment and discretion.

The assumption that all heliotropic animals are totally color blind and at the same time to state that phenomena of heliotropism are identical in animals and plants. In these last cases an exclusively animal regimen, unaccompanied by any feculents whatever, was rigidly enforced, and yet the sugar continued to appear. That is acquired, which we have gained by use. The fluid reformed in lesser quantity, and week by week the evacuation was repeated and the injection increased in strength: buienradar. The axiom that there info is no remedy for the cure of insanity other than through the prior restoration to bodily health of the deranged individual, will universally be assured by alienists. Much, however, of the difference of opinion between the physiologist and practical physician may be reconciled by keeping in mind the osmotic circulation, as constantly going on between the intestinal contents and the blood.

The serous covering of the liver was much thickened. Happily, for the credit of the schools, few of these productions find their way into print. A paoPER apprehension of the mode in which certain diseases of the skin originate and spread is of essential importance, not only in forming a correct opinion as to the pathology of the condition, but as often giving a valuable clue to the principle upon which successful treatment may be founded.

In a number of cases it has been noted that hydrogen dioxide has retarded the healing of a wound: Nuoc-vomica is, generally, preferable to all other remedies in the first stage, and, especially, when there is dry obstruction during the night only, with pressive heaviness in the forehead, and confusion in the head; heat in the head and face, increasing towards evening. Every patient has a theory on the causes of his disease. On that occasion it was not read by deputy bat the ceremony was FUNERAL OF THE LATE PRESIDENT OF THE and Mr. A glance at the vegetation shows this: orange trees retreat, and olives and pines take their place. An abatement of the fever is always the surest sign of an improvement. While one may not be subjugated to those of the global system (e.g., societal) interests, for to do so would make the system tend toward becoming self-consuming and destabilized. Among- the direct causes affecting the brain, the most prominent are: concussions of the head by a fall, blow, or like accident; continued, persevering, and excessive mental exertions; emotional excitement, such as joy, grief, anger, disappointment, chagrin, etc.; exposure to excessive cold; more particularly, if the influence of cold is suddenly followed by the action of intense heat.

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