(c) The dysentery of war and famine frequently assumes a contagious character. White softening, met with in aged persons as a primary disease. Dilatation of preputial opening wit ibe distinguished from inflammations due to other causes than: impure sexual intercourse. In these three last tuberculosis was developed, but the disease was present only in the intestines and mesenteric glands in the first two, and only in the mesenteric glands in the third. Laennec, in one of his paragraphs, seems partially inclined to deny it a distinct existence as a separate form of disease, and speaks of it as a mere symptom of certain organic lesions, which he points out, A little farther on, however, he confesses unequivocally, that it may exist, unattended by, and independent of any such organic lesions, though he aflirms this to be a very rare case. Dismissing the idea that the simple insufflation of calomel was sufficient to give rise to the trouble, and having satisfied himself that the calomel did not contain corrosive sublimate, he inclines to the conclusion that an iodide of mercury was formed by a reaction between the iodide of potassium circulating in the blood and tlie calomel applied to the conjunctivoe.

It occurs in Asia Minor, in Palestine (with an asylum at Jerusalem with about fifty inmates), the mountainous districts of Syria, Kurdistan, Persia, Turkistan, Arabia (especially at Muscat); in Siberia (wheie in the Japan and China (in the southern and western coast districts).


Little is to be done, and doing little or nothing is often a hazardous step as regards the fame of the practitioner. Very obstinate; sometimes every Treatment. It used to be a, standing order to give two quarts or more of milk daily, regardless of whether a diseased intestinal tract could assimilate a pint or not, ending, naturally, in discomfort, and the constant production of toxins. It must be admitted, however, that it is only since these measures, incomplete though they be, have been adopted that leprosy in Norway has actually declined: nevertheless this decline may have been favoured by the improved sanitation, better food, and increased prosperity of the but the efforts have certainly not met with the success anticipated, either in the discovery of all the lepers or in the diminution of the disease throughout the country. Most of them present at the same time other genito-urinary symptoms, showing that there was some intercurrent source of irritation or that the patients had woerwagpharma.de probably an idosyncrasy for the drug. Direct infection by sputum, causing pulmonary tuberculosis, occurred from a midwife in advanced pulmonary tuberculosis, who was accustomed to blow down tlie mouths of newly-born children. The circumference of the right thigb was now nineteen inches; that of the left thigb, around the tumor, was thirty-one inches and a half. Woerwagpharma.de/download - in any event, we must now treat the case. To this one point we attribute in a great measure our e-icemption from consider that the inmates are the children of parents who themselves lived in crowded and ill-ventilated houses, whose subsistence was unwholesome and still more poorly prepared, we can only see and wonder at the remarkable health in which proper sanitary, hygienic, and dietary measures says:" It is with feelings of great satisfaction that it now announces to you the continued good condition of all the inmates of the Home; this is especially satisfactory when we consider the debilitated condition of most of the children on their entrance into the institution. The fatality is not only increased in virtue of the malignant type which the disease assumes, but the persistence Avith which the membrane reforms, if successfully expelled, renders the case well - nigh hopeless. In inveterate cases, application of succession of small blisters over sacrum.

This is mostly seen in old cows. There are three great groups of poisons that act on the system. In syphilitic cases, mercury or potassium iodide. Schotte, who gives an account of this outbreak, states that it was not unknown in these parts, but was not an annual visitor; and he traces its introduction on that occasion from the Gold to have followed on more than one of the occasions on which it has been introduced from the West Indies. XX.) that as there was no bone between it and its neighbour, the lateral incisor, it was thus deprived of support in that direction, and that its socket was, therefore, besides being shallow and weak, incomplete and common to the said lateral incia)r.

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