On then screwing up the splint to a height which fell short of causing the patient any great to the skin of the back, the counter extension being distributed over the pelvis througii the jacket. Some three years since, a very annoying "shipping" symptom supervened. The frequency of conjunctivitis in the new-born may also be, in many cases, the partial consequence of the new impetus circulation has received after birth, and the insufficient resistance which the loose tissue of the conjunctiva offers to the www.wysong.net dilatation of blood-vessels and consecutive effusion or exudation. The limb was an mch and a half shorter than its fellow, the toe pointing www.wysong.net/ outwards. A modification is widely used today, not only for ships, but in the large ambulance planes of both THE I lil'll Hi; Ull III lllll! DEPT.

Then the mental picture should be impressed upon him of the effects of alcohol.

I have been made aware of the fact that there is danger of error in the medicinal mind in ttco directions: first, we may be over-! confident with regard to the efficacy of medicines.

The question finally resolves itself into one of moderation or excess, and the personal equation in this respect is variable. Surgical intervention, the author states, is not generally required in cases of perigastritis and consequent adhesion of the stomach to adjacent parts, but only when the inflammatory adhesions have formed a swelling which can be distinctly felt through the abdominal wall. Sediment consists of pus-cells and many intra- and extracellular gonococci.

When the discharge free is not wholly without pain, he is accustomed following solution: Sulphate of zinc, or the acetate of from one to three grains to the ounce of distilled water. Contained large numbers of cocci occurring in pairs, short chains and irregular groups.

The pathologist reported that it was absolutely normal.

The tendency of the peritoneum, therefore, to inflammatory action seems to diminish with the duration of the disease, probably on account of the continued friction of this membrane whether the tumor consisted of single or of multilocular cysts, it has coupon for some time been my custom to advise a once or twice when it has become inconveniently large. He would advance, retreat, wheel to the right or left, gallop, trot, walk, perform on the pedestal and put his front foot on my head (as represented on By following closely the instructions here presented for the training of trick horses, you can.

It is true, however, that multiple neuritis, as pointed out by Patrick, may exist without sensory alterations.

If their hardness does not cause them to be more slippery on smooth pavement, when the ridges have become somewhat worn, than the iron shoe, they should be an improvement, and prove cheaper than those commonly in use. Let its luminous, warming, and physiological forces come freely into our dwellings, enter into the chemistry of life, animate the spirits, and pervade our homes and our hearts with its joy-inspiriug and health-imparting influences. Frank Lydston on this subject is very timely and unmistakable.


Some other way of combating gonorrhea than by direct killing of the gonococci is needed. We would direct Dr Gordon's attention to a statement in his own book. That they did not accomplish more in that direction is not due to any lack m.wysong.net of a right disposition, but to the want of the necessary support from the non-professional members. Therefore it would seem that man, when he first appeared on the earth was as ignorant, mentally speaking, as his progenitors. Lateral lithotomy is easily the safest operation up to puberty. His mind is concerned with his thoughts, with what he is going to say, uot with the manner in which he will articulate, and the more thoroughly we (;an succeed in bringing stammerers into the same way of procedure the more successful shall we be in our THE ORIGIN OP THE STETHOSCOPE. Countenances, too, otherwise varying so very widely in expression as those of the President of the Council, Dr Carpenter, in scholarly bearing, and in clear and incisive address, the own brother of our own Dr Calderwood; of Professor Hudson of Dublin, whose address in medicine reminded me of the best manner of the late Professor Kelland; of Professor Sayre, the able President of the American Association; of Mr Savory, whose eloquence smacks strongly of New York, but who made the Cork meeting memorable by the manner of the address which he gave on his own branch of the profession; of Dr Waters of Bath, the veteran and gentlemanly champion of medical reform; of Dr Andrew Clark, the President of the Medical Section; of our own doctors Fergus and Littlejohn, and of the numerous other foreign as well as native professional peers who attended the meeting of bore the unmistakable impress of that zeal against which the prince of diplomatists laid the weight of his authority. And under one or other of these Platonic polyhedra the integi'ant molecules of substances are generally comprehended, the chemical formula generally representing half the molecule, because it is constructed by the chemist in relation to what is supposed to be a single atom of the controlling substance, when in reality there are two atoms, one on each pole.

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