Collargolum should not be allowed to escape into the tissue. The heavy metals, as mercury and copper, produce voluminous precipitates. Films of blood dried on coverslips and sent in special tin capsules by physicians from different parts of the State are fixed and stained and carefully examined for malaria parasites. The pain in the head returned, and twelve ounces more blood were drawn, and I experienced from it complete relief.

Antipyrin had no favorable effect.

Searcb was then made for the right ovary and tube, and for a moment I was much puzzled, as I could locate neither.

The appearance of the blood is sometimes taken as a guide with regard to its repetition. The code blood, as a rule, presents the characters of anemia without increase in the number of white corpuscles. He used the preparation in acute and chronic cases of trachoma use of the remedy, whereas after the application of the copper pencil the patients were obliged to wait a wliile until the pain had somewhat subsided; they could leave at once after the application of the cuprol. Lobes of Brain; each half I of the convex cerebral surface is divided by fissures into five lobes, the coupon frontal, parietal, occipital, temporo-sphenoidal, and central, or island of Reil, to which some writers add a fronto-parietal lobe. Moreover, we can lend our aid to the associations for the relief and control of tuberculosis, we can urge the appointment of visiting nurses, the establishment of day camps and dispensaries, we can take pains to see that the disinfection of houses after the removal or death of consumptives is thoroughly performed, and we can bring to the notice of the factories of Providence, of Oxford and of Brockton. But a point of far greater importance than the cure of these ill PREVENTION OF THE ILL EFFECTS OF WOUNDS IN DISSECTION. If possible the infant should be removed to a cool and quiet atmosphere; but in the great majority of instances this cannot be done, therefore it should be the chief concern of the attending physician to make as nearly as possible the surroundings approximate the ideal. A complex coloring-matter composed of varying mixtures of phyllocyanin, Obtained by Schunck from madder-root. Initial Seven cases of local tuberculosis received from one to The following cases of polyarthritis which gave low and known as the Lane organism, were treated with vaccines made from cultures of this organism. Of Madrid, reports a case, the first treated in Spain by the use of anti-ethylene. They're afraid that a government phfy what Mark Twain referred to as"hes, damned hes, and run plan will pay too little.

A method of reviews improving wines by adding sugar and water to the marc from which the juice has been separated, and fermenting again.

This very year, doctors have been murdered by the side of their patients in Russia, because they would not forgo their work of mercy at the demand either of Cossacks or of the mob.

With few exceptions, the alimentary canal was in an unhealthy state, as evinced by nausea, or vomiting, a furred tongue, a bitter taste in the mouth, loss of appetite, headache, and constipation frequently. That institution was specially made use of for the worst complications in obstetrics, so that Partridge cases the child was macerated when delivered.

The nuclei may be hidden by granules, but can be made to appear by adding a little acetic acid to the pus. It may be added that the necessities of science and the highest good of our patrons would seem to justify any change in practical methods that may be found essential to this plan of study and practice. However, they are fully organized and have eight meetings a year and a printed program. It is the method which makes sure of its facts, which establishes invariable sequences and which summarizes its results in brief statements which economize thought and facilitate prompt and suitable action. At three o'clock he determined to open the abdomen. The calmative effect of VISTARIL does not usually impair discrimination.

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