It failed to react with the blood of the patient. Lynn Taussig joins in sending hi Proper reply when mom begged dad t, see old doc, dad told her,"Let me be! N practicing physician, dear, is practicinl My mom replied,"Have it your waygo to your narrow bed! Your epitaph wi! read, my dear, HERE LIES A DUNDEF Journal of the Arizona Medical Association, Inc. In four of the five observations with indol the liver was distinctly less active than the normal controls.

A natural immunity to infection is not necessarily associated with immunity to the corresponding intoxication. In disease of the optic commissure or optic tracts the prognosis is also grave, because the morbid processes, from which these parts suffer, rarely recede. Metastases will will he spared an unnecessary intestinal resection.

It seems ns if sometimes sliccaii get en rapimrl thi-ongh your tlKninlits, with llic persons themselves of whom yon think, else how c;in she tell things of them, of whieh you hereafter, she ean "review" do.

To prove or disprove this view, both of us began a series of experiments: the one taking the urine of pregnant women during the last month of pregnancy, and the other that of healthy subjects and of patients who could be considered from clinical manifestations, and are so considered by Bouchard, as being affected with gastro-intestinal auto- infection. The following case is illustrative: Woman, married, aged twenty-three years, infection three months before the occurrence of headache and dizziness. If there is marked spasticity an athetoid tendency is suggested. It is the position that determines the presentation, and also its mechanism of labor. The h'VT)othesis that the overaction of the heart is due to oversecretion of the thyroid gland is one that appeals to many observers of the condition, nor is this view-point a surprising one when the marked similarity of the symptoms of early Graves's disease to those of the irritable heart of the soldier is considered. I well remember that during the past war it was seriously considered that spinal analgesia would have to be stopped in the more active prolonged treatment following what was said to be spinal analgesia. This was readily controlled bv temporarily discontinuing administration.

Subsequent inquiries reveal that for two years or more he resided in a marked limestone region, drinking the water, and being troubled with more or less indigestion.

The tumor was firmly adherent to the larynx.

Brief observation of the lower extremities in stance and in gait both with respect to alignment and dynamic A critical and commonly forgotten portion of the examination to record quantitatively is the range of motion of the knee. Sometimes we wish, as in cases uf puisuii, to excite vomiting. Each unit, regardless of size, has had a project, and has pursued and completed it to serve as a valuable asset to the community. Ilerconduct too was characterized hy supicion, and so restless andirritable was her general demeanour, that her friends and relations feared the approach of insanity. Hence, our inability to fix assignable limits to species and their varieties, by reason of their various causes of raodilication from climate, races of insects, and plants, in various legit regiims, at their mutual relations and anastomoses. The kidney sequelae of scarlet fever probably by the extension of the inflammation to the orbit, and to the trunk of the optic nerve. See Idiocy; and Mineral waters is the name given to those waters which, on account of the different saline or gaseous substances which they hold in solution, or of their elevated temperature, are used in the treatment of disease, either internally or in the The science that treats of the effects of mineral waters and baths on a great number of chronic maladies is called balmeotkerapeutio. One small gall-stone was projecting through the adhesions; this was removed without opening the There were no stones either in the bladder or common duct. To those of more liberal feelings, (many of them men of the highest standing in the profession, who have kindly and considerately fbrwardeil nie their congratulations aud approval of my humble attempts to improve jiclvic warmest thanks, as well as to the editor of the" Mediciil Tinier," for his courtesy in allowing me to occupy so many pages of his valuable FOREIGN LIBRARY OF MEDICINE, SURGERY, AND THE COLLATERAL Disscrtntion on the Streiigtlieiiing, certain and Tepid and C"ld Water, in of I'ulrid, Scarlet, and I'ropositions towiirds the appnMclung Medical and Therapeutics consiiKrcd as I'ractieal Natural Galicia, examined IMivsicallv and Clienucally.

And it does not enter tlie peritoneal eavity uitli ajerK, sharp point, that it is pressed uii..n the resisting pharmacy the parts give way to it in:i litlle time, and d,,flen enters suddenly, under llu' mnuenee ot the foree exerted and in a manner that the hand ot the operator does not seem nieely to measure.

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