On looking over the return for the last year recently issued, one is struck with the great number of cases recorded of deaths occurring at advanced to be accurate.

The area is obviously one that may be taken to test the willingness of the Council to expend a large sum of money in a metropolitan improvement carried out in the interest of health, and the discnisiQn which took place in the County Hall on Tuesday serves to show the difficulty with which the Council meets in making up its mind to embark on any large scheme. But now, if the applicant's certificate of British the privilege of practising in Ontario upon the payment of examination. The appearances in Cases I, II, and IV, while not absolutely typical and convincing, still resembled quite closely certain stages of the disease. But the patient was not doing well; he was running continually a moderately high temperature; his pulse contimjed rapid, and his general condition did not seem to improve (code). To attempt to foretell what the intraperitoneal condition was, or what it would be a few days or weeks later, was assuming a graver responsibility than was justifiable. To this department physicians are to report the nature and origin of each case.

Pouchet thinks it is time to do justice to all these prejudices, but at present he limits himself to the statement that there is no foundation for the supiwsition that animals avoid the to.xic species of nuishroums, fur the most dangerous kinds, such as the Amanita, are eaten by slugs The toxicity of certain species is variable, and it may depend upon the nature of the soil, which probably has an influence over the elaboration of the products formed by the vital activity of the vegetable during the course of its existence, just as the nature of the culture medium of bacteria influences their virulence. There is at least as great diversity among the different types of typhoid fever as between typhoid fever and paratyphoid infections. When review we see what has been done we should consider what remains to be done and what has been accomplished in European schools.

Clot Bey began by dissecting a dog,' not even a Muslim's dog, but a Jew's dog or a Christian's dog.' Later he got permission to use Christian subjects and black slaves, and he was allowed to bring skulls and bones from disused cemeteries to his lecture room, though the Ulema had begun by decreeing that the dissection of a human body was against the tenets of the Mussulman faith." Vaccination was introduced and for a time made compulsory in spite of the opposition of every one except that of the great Pasha, Mohammed Aly. The face waa florid, enil above the normal. The continuance of life is life's chief function.

Closely aggregated small pinpoint to pinhead sized vesicles cover the backs of the hands or the palms, running up to the wrists, or else, as is most often the case, these lesions cover the entire interdigital si)aces, extending over the backs of found disseminated over the palmar surfaces and between the fingers, often breaking and drying without any further concern to the patient.

If applications of trichloracetic acid, chromic acid and nitrate of silver fall, one may resort to the light use of the galvanooautery. Tenderness over the mastoid could not be definitely ascertained, because the child kept crying no matter what part of the head was touched.

The agitation caused by the rotary movement, together with the effect of winding off the adherent material from the walls, cleanses the surface. Mental and physical vigor and activity of the spinal centre are greatly improved, in all cases of general which they used it, their results varied in many ways, but they agreed absolutely in one particular, namely, that the extract produced in all cases a remarkable stimulation of mental, nervous, and muscular activity as well as of the spinal centres (

Protein milk is occasionally used in diarrheal diseases both as a food and as a medicine, on account of its high protein and lowsugar and fat content. The dura mater was firmly adherent to the brain over the posterior portions of the anterior convolutions and the paracentral regions, where there was a rather thick and dense deposit of fibrinous material, which extended down into the sulci of these regions, apparently involving tlie cortical gray matter of these regions.

Sections through the rectum, where the gangrenous process was most advanced, showed almost nothing but a mass of leukocytes, red blood-corpuscles and granular detritus. The alopecia of seborrhea is characteristic.


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