Although it is affirmed that the anterior thigh muscles may be the first to be affected in a case of myopathy, I have not hitherto met with a case in which these The second case differs from the first, since in the former the supinator longus and biceps femoris muscles were absent, while the tensor fasciae femoris and the anterior fibres of the gluteus medius and minimus were abnormally well developed. The formation of hyperostoses, the increased intercranial pressure, and cerebral nerve paralysis are its prominent features. Chain formation was slight but evident in some fields and appeared to be the result of transverse division of larger coccus forms in some instances. Three weeks ago the operation of inserting a cartilage inlay to build up the nose was undertaken. This point of the patho'ogy is noticed also by Sir Astley Cooper, and is well illustrated by a case which occurred in the practice of In successive chapters, Dr. Malacosteon; halisteresis ossium; Osteomalacic (German); ramolissement des os, osteomalacic (French); rammolimento delle osse (Italian). But in osteomalacia there is no hypertrophy of the bones, the involvement is symmetrical, the deformities begin in the skeleton of the trunk and later involve the extremities, the skull is affected only in the severest cases and the pains are much less pronounced. Both cysts occupied the same area, but differed in shape, the peritoneal effusion extending less to the right and further downward, being somewhat irregular in shape, with its longest diameter nearly vertical, while the pancreatic cyst was somewhat quadrilateral in shape, with the long diameter transversely. He stated that about four days previous arm to save himself, fell with the point of the of the accident, and continued to follow his employment; the arm was very painful, but not so much so as to cause bim to lay by until the day previous to his admission, when it became much inflamcHl. The twitching of the hands had repeated vomiting the afternoon before, in the night and almost constantly during the next forenoon. Dissolve with the aid of heat. He considers that the dejecta, as received upon linen and bedding, contain the contagious elements. In the other three he was unable to get a definite history of acute renal disease, yet he did not think anyone would hesitate to class them as renal.

Here the collapse of the parietal wall did not cure and swabbing out of cavity gave no This case shows also that all the original cavity above the present opening has closed, and that the only remaining part Another attempt was made to close the sinus in October, was not sufficient bismuth put in as it afterwards proved ( Children, warm applications do better. The study of the urine did not suggest intestinal putrefaction. He asked them to think of the quality of their work rather than the quantity: in surgery especially, if working against time, the quality of their "" work would suffer. This, I feel, is unsatisfactory, but at least it will teach us caution in drawing our conclusions, and diffidence in the state torily you must judge, to determine the function of the nerves derived from the lateral column of the spinal cliord; and the result has been, that they are organic nerves: and, as being uniformly lost on some muscular expansion, they are motor organic etlVcting the movements of the great machine, either totally independent of the will, as in the discharge of the natural function of the difi'erent organs; or by constraining the voluntary muscles to assist or to repress the action of the involuntary, when the ravages of disease, or the preservation of life, require it. New position of the fingers of right hand: the thumb holds the extremity of the syringe before injecting the solution. The prognosis is serious on account of the severe character of the lesion, the general poisoning of the patient, and the permanent changes left in the wall of the intestine. It is proper to state that but one muscle was affected in the latter's case, and the sections were differently interpreted by Lexer when he had the opportunity to examine them, for he considered the connective tissue changes to be primary. Leslie Powell (in replj-) said that he had removed the original growth under an anaesthetic; it originated from the inside of the naris, not from the nasopharjTix, and was attached to the nasal floor and septum. It is always advisable to give antipyrin, therefore, in small doses at first, in order to avoid dangers from idiosyncrasy and overaction of the drug; ten grains, we believe, will accomplish, as a general rule, all that we have been accustomed to expect from twice or thrice this Most obstetric authorities have taught that there is no difference in size between the male and the female pelvis at birth; in other words, that there is an entire absence of sexual characteristics. Death may rise several degrees above this height. Finally, I reviews must mention Phlebitis, which is frequent during the secondary period and often coincides with the roseola. In one of these the injections had been continued by error, after the appearance of stomatitis. This study further shows the vital importance of the study of the individual rather than the The revision of the existing criminal law codes with the intelligent co-operation of legla tqlent and psychiatrists is greatly needed, and here it is hoped that the mental hygiene movement will be able to accomplish something. He must state also the place of his residence, and the place where he is about to carry on the practice of anatomy, and must further state that he is, practise medicine in England, Scotland, or This application is to be countersigned by two justices of the peace acting for the county, city, or borough wherein the party applying resides, and so describing themselves, certifying the place of residence of the party, and also the place where they believe him to be about to carry on the DUTIES OF TEACHERS OF ANATOMY. The other organisms differed from this type in one or more characteristics. The throat afl'ection (pestis gutturosa) with a rash (maculare) and came as a direct Coiintess of March to Henrj- IV, time of the GlyndwT Rebellion (nodate),'and now the pestilence is so severe and cruel where we are that I am much afraid to die in great debt.

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