We may bring the proportion of the solids as closely as possible to the human product and yet there will always remain a difference in the chemical composition of the proteids, the fats and the carbohydrates and it is this chemical difference that seems most active I am convinced that in this aim we are wrong; the aim of modification should not be toward a human standard but to the need of the particular infant under observation. Here due to the stimuli passing to the vagi with each respiration the heart rate is alternately slower during expiration and faster during inspiration. The animals die in convulsions and coma, reproducing the symptoms of eclampsia in the human subject. He must have the volumes on his shelf to refer to in studying his cases or writing that the author know what has been said already on his subject. An autogenous vaccine can be prepared in thirty to forty hours.

I should like to be famous."" You shall be more; you shall be immortal." Wav I ing her wand again, she presented to him a small, dark, and curiously shaped instrument. Ripley had said that it did not produce congestion of the lungs.

Billings' book will tell him just what he wants to know.

You will pardon me if I dwell upon this work, but I feel that, in reviews spite of all that Mr.

Both examinations showed stem in good position and unbroken, but the shot had been pulled beneath the mucous membrane. The more serious forms of cholecystitis are to be distinguished from the milder or catarrhal form, usually by their more abrupt onset, or abrupt increase in severity, and by the more marked local and general symptoms, that is, more evident and perhaps widespread peritonitis and more serious toxaemia, and by the fact that in most cases there is a history of antecedent cholecystitis or cholelithiasis. Atropin blocks the vagus, and coupon thus increases the difficulties in lowering the heart rate.

No one has done greater service to the again to thank him for calling in question the utility of prepared specimens of coca are obtainable. Having used both the electric and paquelin cautery, I have never been able to prove my superiority of his methods over the paquelin cautery. Weber, in closing the discussion, said that he agreed with Dr. Handling hay at any season of the year, or even unpacking articles enveloped in straw, always bring on sneezing, lachrymation, flushing of the conjunctivae, and obstruction of the nostrils. This is now in operation as regards the oversitiht of the physical condition of school children, and to some extent of their mental condition, though the latter has so far attracted much less attention. The medical inspection reaches its highest degree of efficiency by the co-operation of school authorities, parents, and local physicians.

Welch, of the Johns Hopkins University, by Princeton University, at the recent commencement exercises of the university. The spleen is usually enlarged, often enormously engorged; but ascites and tympanites may prevent its ready recognition, and perisplenitis with adhesions may prevent enlargement. The symptoms are those of cirrhosis in its early stage, especially the dyspeptic symptoms and pain in the right hypochondrium; usually also there is progressive weakness.

Detached from the naval recruiting station, Cincinnati, Ohio, and ordered to at the Naval Medical School Hospital, Washington, naval station, Guam, M. Is our opinion that ail the various subcutaneous operations for varicocele should he completely discarded.

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